🌐Web 2 meets BiiP.world

Web 3 has a new name, and it's BiiP!

40 years old system meets Web 3 done right

Web 3 is Bigger than NFTs, Move2Earn & Play2Earn combined. Way bigger.

Blockchain technology reached the next level of maturity required to start the much imagined vertical transfer of power and wealth from the 1% to the 99%, creating a more balanced system of value distribution and decision making.

dApps (decentralized applications) are starting to become better and better alternatives to the currently established corporate systems like: currency or digital assets storage and transfer, payments, social media, crowd-funding, search, text based knowledge, video content, web hosting, finance, entertainment, exposure and awareness, etc. - all information is being decentralized, this shift will cause mass societal disruption if we don't do it right.

Share2Earn & Like2Give are advanced concepts that will be demonstrated in biip.world and which will take human online interaction beyond web 2 (social media). It is the next internet paradigm for humanity, where instead of using advertising - paying tribute to an inefficient and corrupt hierarchy, we're creating a better user-2-user ecosystem where any exchange of information can have dynamic monetary value attached to it.

People that invested early into revolutionary open source blockchain protocols and dApps with sustainable tokenomics and good open-source teams will be the wealthiest people in the world. In a decade or so, this shift will be more evident for the entire world.

The technology we all use to make transfers today is 40 years old. It was developed and launched at the start of the period called Web 1.

The monetary policy that governs most of the world currencies is called Fractional Reserve Banking. It is explained in a Federal Reserve document called: πŸ”— Modern Money Mechanics

People are afraid of money going digital, but it's been decades since that happened.

Only about 2-3% of all the money in circulation around the globe are physical cash, the rest are mostly just numbers in centralized bank databases. The digitalization of money happened a long time ago with the success of Centralized Banks running on SWIFT / BIC.

Banks are issuing more and more fiat money, money without any real backing. They're continuously creating inflation, depreciating the value we all get from our job, from our business, from our community, from the entire biosphere.

It's a very old system that was created to conquer the world by putting it in debt.

This previous generation of elite bankers created an emotionless and destructive system which doesn't care for the fragile nature of our mother, Terra. A system that expands infinitely like a virus.

In this fiat money world we are taking part in, you're a simple expandable cog.

From kindergarten to university, you're taught only how to go into the World and spend your life energy to make Euros, Dollars or other fiat currency. You're taught to get a job, to chase one of 180 worldwide fiat currencies - which are created from thin air and backed by nothing.

You see, the problem we all face on this "money planet", is that most of us were never taught what money really is.

For generations you've been told that if you work hard, if you're a nice and well oiled little cog, you will have everything you ever wanted.

We all know that's not true. And we all know that if we really understood money, we would be the owners of the money making system, not it's little cogs.

Think about it... what is money at the most basic level?

If you really dive into it, you can describe the concept of money with a very simple formula:

M = (E / T) * L

Money, is just the representation of your Energy spent over Time, multiplied by a Location factor.

Get it?

If not. Think about this: When you make an effort for your job or for your business, it requires mental effort and physical effort.

But what does mental and physical effort require?


Your body needs energy to move, to think, to create value.

To create more money, you need to understand this basic concept.

Money are not physical objects anymore and you cannot make more of it if your energy is limited and your effort is uninformed.

As Alan Watts, one of my favorite human beings used to say: "The menu is not the meal." ... In other words, you cannot be fed by eating symbols (money) and you cannot make more food by printing more menus (more symbols). You get fed and enjoy your meal every day by spending your energy wisely.

You see, every day, you have a limited amount of energy and you are spending it all in one place.

That place determines the multiplication factor for your spent energy.

If you spend your energy in the USA, you get dollars to represent that.

If you spend your energy in Romania, you get romanian Lei in exchange.

You spend your energy in Europe and the results make you some Euros.

If you spend your energy in the Gratitude Token World you get GRAT tokens.

Every day you spend precious life energy, and you just can't seem to ever get out of debt, can you?

It's not that you're not evolving on a personal level, it's that every time you do, the system creates more inflation so that your accumulated units of "money" can never help you become anything more than a well oiled little cog.

I know it's not fair.

Being part of this system where we pay each other with fiat money for services, products or information is: Just like slavery, but with extra steps.


We are happy to say that, the GratitudeToken.world community is creating a better World (Location)!

You probably heard of the concepts: Move 2 Earn or Play 2 Earn.

Move2Earn is where you earn some crypto currency for walking, running, moving in general. The app can often be gamified, like the Stepn app. Whether you can signup completely for free, or by buying some NFTs, the bottom line for the user is: gain health and currency for energy spent.

Play2Earn, is when you play games and earn crypto currency for it. The number of games like this are growing at an exponential rate. The bottom line for the user: have fun while earning crypto currency for energy spent.

But what are we missing here? It's something even bigger than the previous two concepts combined.

Well, don't tell anyone because it's not launched yet 🀫 But we are proud to say that we invented the concepts of Share 2 Earn and Like 2 Give.

This is the next big technology, the next layer of the internet running on top of the TCP/IP layer.

It will be based on User-2-User algorithms and will be the main protocol for the exchange of digital value or digital information between humans across the planet.

These 2 revolutionary concepts will transform the internet from a greedy caterpillar, into a grateful butterfly.

They go like this:

As a user in this system, you can do all the important things you do now on social media, but with no ads and you can participate in the process of governing the platform.

Signing up to this web 3 dApp gives you some free currency called Gratitude Tokens to play around with, to start earning and gifting more tokens.


We replaced the concepts of advertising and fund raising with something better and more natural to human beings, a User-2-User system, one that doesn't need a profit-oriented hierarchy governed intermediary to decide who views your content:

πŸ–§ ->πŸ’° If you share someone's post, you get some gratitude tokens from the author for providing exposure to your network of friends. You have to distribute these tokens through Likes/Reactions.

πŸ‘->πŸ’° If people like your post, you get free gratitude tokens. Likes are not just for vanity anymore and you can exchange these tokens into any other currency on exchanges.

πŸ’°->😎 If you bring your friends to this new platform, you get some tokens for each friend referred.

Share2Earn and Like2Give together make-up a yin and yang system that balances itself out and that allows its users to break free from the financial slavery of our modern world.

You see, we are working on the next generation of web 3 media platforms and in this new world, we don't have any use for advertising, for lying to each other.

All this is possible now, due to blockchain technology used fairly and inclusively (for each other), not exclusively in the service of giant corporations.

We are all moving in this new age of abundance and if you do not get with it... you will be left behind.

The platform that will demonstrate this technology is called BiiP.world - it's a decentralized application, the first in the world that will be using the BiiP protocol, fueled by tokens of Gratitude.

Enable any user action on any website or app to execute a cryptocurrency transaction, without any blockchain development expertise.

We're working on upgrading the internet to Web 3 the right way: Free forever, with unhackable accounts, with no more advertising, contractless, permissionless and truly governed by the community.

But we can't do this alone! ... This is where you come in!

If you want to be among the first humans to own Gratitude Tokens, go buy some from the exchange and by doing so, you are supporting the development of our open source - next generation technology. In return you get to be among the first holders of GRAT tokens, having the highest chance of multiple returns on your investment as the token will appreciate over the years from the utility our dApps will create for users.

You will be able to spend GRAT on biip.world when it will be launched and on many more future web 3 applications.

Legend for beginners

Web 3

Since web 1, 2 and 3 are terms that describe periods in the evolution of the internet, web 3 describes the period we are just starting, it's what will come after web 2 (2000-2023, in other words, the period we are still overlapping with called Surveillance Social Media).


Crypto currency, tokens or crypto assets in general are one use case, one application - usually a monetary system, whether it has utility, security or both - all technically possible because of the fundamental technology called Blockchain.


A revolutionary way of storing information that will speed up the evolution of technology and hopefully of humanity to an exponential accelerated pace.

Blockchain is like when we discovered the transistor, things took off exponentially after that. To us, from a technical point of view, blockchain is:

Transparent Permanent Internet Memory with Singular / Individual Access. Abstracted, it's a global Internet Layer, number #2 after the mass adoption of Internet Protocol + Open sourced linux operating systems.

It's efficient, redundant, unalterable, contractless, permissionless, trustless, truly permanent, but not yet fully embedded in the Web < This is where projects like ours tackle the mass adoption obstacles.

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