In all these markets, we witness a cyclical process called inflation.

Why is the economy running on an inflationary model?

What or who is responsible for this system? Is it natural? Is it man-made?

Our mission at is to take back our life, our energy, our progress as a species. We need to get more for our energy spent. We need a fairer model of return of value for energy spent.

We need to stop allowing this group to siphon away all our energy.

We want every being on mother Terra to dread less and DO more, LIVE more.

Here's a chart on the evolution of global inflation since 1920:

Every increase on this chart is a decrease in purchasing power. In other words, we can buy less with our locally gained currency.

Inflation is created because an elite banking group of individuals with origins going back to ancient times is currently in control of our monetary systems around the world. Those systems are called fiat money systems.

In essence, after many decades of resistance by the founding fathers of America (fair to say of which many were also criminals), a secretive elite group has succeeded through assassinations, manipulation, and bribes to obtain the right to โ€œprintโ€ money from nothing in the year of 1913 when the private Federal Reserve company was founded.

They could from that point in time print money and loan the printed money to the government and banks. Money that is not backed by anything, no resources, no services, no information, nothing but our ignorance and fears. That is when they created the โ€œmonopoly gameโ€ and started siphoning away power from all the people.

But apparently, as a collective, most of us don't even know who they are.

You probably never heard of them. You probably thought that the governments are responsible for creating our money. Well, that was true in the past for some periods of time. Unfortunately, today that is completely false and it's not a secret, it's public information.

This endless printing of money/currency, today named by them as Quantitative Easing (they keep changing terms, so we don't catch on to their deeds) is responsible for inflation.

Q: In short, what is inflation or Quantitative Easing today?

A: It's "printing" more money and "dumping it" into โ€œcirculationโ€.

It starts with governments asking for more units of currency that they need in the circulating supply (so they can keep up with the decrease in the public budget that is anyway mismanaged or mostly secretly divided between politicians and mostly not used for the people).

Why do they need more units of currency in circulation? Well, they need to increase the budget to keep up with their robbery and the infrastructure costs of the country. So, by having more tax income from us, the little ants (the little workers), they can keep up their robbery.

Technically, what first happens is that governments sell specific bonds to banks, and banks are allowed to create money out of nothing, 9 times more than the value of the bonds they purchase by creating numbers in a database, for example when you are approved for a loan.

Next, having an approved loan, the account that you have with the bank simply magically appears to now have more valueless digital numbers. So, at the stroke of a few keys, they (the bank employees) create โ€œlegalโ€ units of currency that did not exist before that approval.

It's like magic, Puff! and the total circulating supply is now bigger for no reason other than to keep corrupt people in power, to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

This is what it means to print more money into circulation and yes, they are allowed to do this as we explained before, because we allow them to do this, because we participate in their rigged system by using their currency as if there are no alternatives. Ever heard of GRAT?

So now, humans in modern society dispose of a bigger circulating supply of currency that has not earned its bread, a currency that does not represent anything real. This is what it means to control the purchasing power of entire nations.

By having more units of currency available to the local markets, outsiders (people and organizations or governments that are involved commercially with your national currency) must fight less for a good rate of exchange because more people are offering to sell at cheaper and cheaper prices (competition).

No matter in which country this happens, the national currency of the country depreciates and all other main currencies appreciate against it. This is how they strangulate (not regulate) the world, effectively siphoning all value humans create.

Having to pay more units of the national currency because of a higher external currencies prices for all goods and services provided by both domestic and foreign companies, the average citizen now has less purchasing power for goods and services.

Since the domestic or local providers of goods and services now get less value from their activity, they increase their prices to keep up with the increased costs of their business. A chain reaction is triggered where everyone increases prices for goods and services.

This is the end of an inflation cycle, and these cycles are endless in an inflationary system. And at the end of this artificially controlled cycle, they (the system makers) intentionally burst the bubble on big markets to create panic. We panic, recessions happen and they keep buying up the entire world at super discount prices because they are the ones drawing the charts.

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