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BiiP is upgrading classical websites and apps to Web 3

Decentralized πŸ‘€User Management Model

BiiP can upgrade any Web 1 & Web 2 projects to Web 3 in minutes, with one line of code!

πŸ—£οΈ When users discuss or search for the cutting-edge world of Web 3, BiiP is the first name that comes to mind, it will be the first result on search engines. πŸ’­πŸ’»

You see, Web 1 was the starting period of the internet, back then it was just static web pages.

Web 2 began when social media started to catch on, it offered varied free integration tools and services with their platform for all websites or apps, and it shifted content creation from the developers to the users.

Today, in 2023, we are at the beginning of web 3

But who's going to upgrade the web to web 3? Are you going to do it? Do you know someone who's working on a new web 3 protocol?

Chances are this is where you're hearing about Web 3 protocols for the first time.

You see, we are during the period of the internet where all the online information and online activity, including financial information, is moving away from centralization - towards blockchain based solutions.

This period began with Homo Sapiens:

In our humble beginnings, the results of our ENERGY investments (our effort/work) was represented exclusively by physical objects and stored in carry-on bags or chests/containers. We didn't have a very precise way of evaluating or storing value, and no way to protect that value like we do today. So we didn't have much choice, we kinda just agreed that rare metals, precious stones and other intricately designed objects have a lot of value and so we exchanged objects like gold coins, jewelry and other small objects and stored them in these physical containers, rooms and vaults.

All of this individual or group (network) value was protected by real physical shields and swords. The more value was being stored, the bigger the group that gathered it and protected it.

But, we can now look back and see that a trend seemed inevitable:

All mass adopted representations of value (like currency or other small objects) got smaller and smaller. Eventually, paper banknotes appeared and it all continued until human representations of universal value completely disappeared from the physical realm and went into the virtual realm of digital information, a realm where precision is key.

Today, more than 98% of all global Fiat currencies are just numbers associated with accounts, all stored in centralized databases. All this value is currently centralized by the people that own the system, they are the "Central Banks". This is changing fast!

So you see, decentralization is not a hippie movement or a fad, it's the inevitable collective evolution of our species.

The problem with Centralized Information Systems

By design, they store and give access to personal info and finance in an insecure manner, allowing specific third parties to operate your accounts and these systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks or direct physical access. They also can't provide exposure and modern financial services to over 2 billion people, leaving every technology developer with immense, untapped potential.

Gratitude Token World is among the first real projects seriously trying to tap this huge potential, gaining a "first mover advantage". We are working to win the race of creating the next version of the web and we're doing it the right way: open-source, decentralized and future-proof (sustainable).

This is why we're introducing BiiP, a new Blockchain Protocol powered by Gratitude Tokens.

BiiP is a fundamental technology that aims to become mass adopted just as TCP/IP (Internet Protocol, or IP for short) became mass adopted when the internet started. BiiP provides Identity and Finance stored on the blockchain. It serves as a free solution to access the power of blockchain for websites, platforms or apps, all without blockchain expertise.

For users, it's a simple button, popping up a responsive interface that connects them to blockchain technology. It provides a secure way to authenticate using a crypto wallet.

For developers or business owners it's a User registration/management solution with blockchain based payment functionality that does not have hosting costs or back-end development costs.

From anywhere you will authenticate with BiiP, you will see an interface to manage your web 3 identity and funds. It functions as a Universal Blockchain Interface, enabling easy access and interaction between: Users - Blockchain - Developers.

Basically it's like a bridge, connecting both users and developers to blockchain, without requiring them to have blockchain expertise or knowledge.

This means that any website or app can integrate our technology extremely fast, with no signed contracts and are instantly enabled to seamlessly connect their users to the blockchain, giving businesses or projects of any kind access to blockchain based user management, currency deposit and universal payment functionality, again with no need to sign any contracts. We don't even ask for a mobile number or email.

BiiP also addresses the limited availability and high cost of blockchain developers by allowing easy integration into any website or app with just one line of code. All operations are just simple requests sent by users from the front-end.

With BiiP you can instantly turn any website or app into an all-in-one web 3 decentralized application, with transfer and payment functionality, with user management and push communications, using only one line of code in the programming language that you already use for your project.

BiiP offers universal access to a very secure and efficient user/profile management system, stored on the blockchain, where the user will always keep custody of personal information and finance and will always have ultimate control over what information or funds third parties can access, depending on what the user authorizes in the BiiP interface.

To fund this new Web, we created the Gratitude Token, a unique crypto token running on Proton chain, which will be used also as a fuel and currency for BiiP based dApps and other dApps.

To create longevity for our solutions, we are creating a massive DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that focuses on advanced open source web 3 technologies, all governed by SHIELD our decentralized governing platform.

To continue funding development and create awareness, we're holding a long term Initial DEX Offering. Our tokenomics is very unique and we've taken measures against long term volatility. Our distribution strategy will allow for steady organic price growth over many years.

Our business model prioritizes value over monetization. Like Ubuntu and Wikipedia, we prioritize advanced technology and community first and worry about monetization later.

To help us appreciate the price of Gratitude Token, we have a launchpad called Genesis, where we reserved 0.8 Billion GRAT tokens for 8 slots for long-term partnerships, where we help the first serious investors, create decentralized BiiP based apps, using Gratitude Token as the main accepted currency, creating demand for it on exchanges.

The idea here is to allow partners to help us create real utility for the Gratitude Token, so that it won't be just another tool for financial speculation.

To lead the way, the first slot has been reserved for biip.world, a platform that replaces corporate advertising with a better user-to-user system that could surpass big social media platforms and become the go-to place for accessing or sharing information and value worldwide.

Big social media platforms have a low 2% conversion rate in advertising and their algorithms prioritize censorship and attention manipulation, keeping users in echo chambers and treating them as products.

They spy on us, to learn how to individually exploit our dopamine system, prioritizing the visibility of fake information, distributing it 6 times faster than positive truth-based information.

Our main challenge with BiiP and the Gratitude Token is achieving mass adoption. To address this, we offer benefits to users and developers such as visibility/access to our network of users, documentation and technical support from our community, fee-less transactions, wallet apps, scalability, universal usernames like Revolut does, replacing complicated crypto address, self-custody of personal info and funds, web 3 user management system, user-friendliness and other benefits.

Beyond Generation Z

The main audience for 99% of all blockchain projects is generation Z. People up to 25 years old, hitting their 30's in 5 years or later, becoming the main consumers and distributors of information and financial services worldwide. But BiiP goes beyond that, to 100% of all human population with no abrupt end in sight.

We believe BiiP and Gratitude Token have the potential to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology and transfer considerable power and value from centralized systems to decentralized networks and apps.

We will be announcing some amazing partnerships soon.

Join us in upgrading the internet to Web 3 and creating a more secure and decentralized future.

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