The Gratitude token is deflationary. It has a Max Supply of GRAT tokens with 8 digits after the decimal separator and a total of 19 decimal places.

There will be no built-in ability to block, recall or emit more tokens.


  1. Marketing - Most of the tokens (over 90%) of them will be used for a long term Bonuses / Rewards / Referral bonuses, for market making and for marketing campaigns to attract users to our ecosystem. Since classical advertising is an inefficient system which is even more restricted for crypto projects, we are using most of the supply as an UAC reductor and the liquidity raised in the first years is for ensuring a stable and organic price growth.

  2. Early Support - In the first distribution phase, we are raising funds that will be used for market making (supporting the price), for the development of our main technology BiiP, for dApps, for infrastructure & logistics and for early marketing costs (publications, press releases, educational content, influencers, etc). This fund will grow over a period of min 2 years - up to $100M (min 100M tokens sold at min $1).

  3. Genesis Staking - A GRAT tokens venture capital partnership program based on staking. This is a lifetime partnership program where we use the Genesis reserve to help carefully selected dApps with high potential developed together with our partners reduce the User Acquisition Costs by rewarding their new users with GRAT tokens. To benefit from this, our partners and investors will invest in a liquidity pool (a staking smart contract) that will be used to support the price of the token.

Distribution Strategy (Gratitude Token adoption)

  1. 100 M tokens sold initially (Presale and IDO over a period of min 1 year). The IDO (Initial DeX offering) is adaptive, in other words, we will never distribute more than 8M tokens every month, reports from any month are not cumulative. This allows for a min 1 year distribution of 0.83% from the total supply that will be used for market making and ecosystem development, including community growth.

  2. 1 Billion tokens (8.3% of the max supply) offered through the GENESIS partnership program, mostly to raise liquidity for market making, but also for development costs. Each slot in Genesis requires the partner to stake $1M into a staking contract where they will get 1M GRAT tokens with 10% APR (Min 2 years staking). Meanwhile, each partner will be allocated extra GRAT tokens over time to incentivize the onboarding of new users to the partner dApp (UAC reduction). 200M tokens from this fund is also reserved for the core team (not as a stake in the project), for development and administration costs like salaries, logistics, early marketing and other expenses.

  3. 10.9 Billion tokens (90.8% of the total supply) will be used for our long term market making and marketing strategy - distributed over many years, in a way that greatly reduces the UAC (User Acquisition Cost) of BiiP based dApps - for us and our Genesis partners. A high percentage of these tokens will return to the GENESIS dApps owners to be re-invested. Tokens are offered for free as Registration bonuses, Referral bonuses and different types of UAC (User Acquisition Cost) Incentives. Simple math dictates that this ultra slow distribution will most likely always be behind the demand. We believe that eventually all Gratitude Tokens will endup in the wallets of billions of users, creating history as unprecedented uniformity and scale in the distribution of a global currency, providing stability and mass adoption.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't the total market cap too high compared to the presale and IEO selling price of $1?

The total supply compared to a starting price of $1 would only be a problem if we would put all or most of the supply into circulation early on. Only 0.03% tokens (100M tokens) are put into circulation in the first year or 2 through a long term adaptive offering (IDO) on exchanges. If you take Ripple for example, it has a max supply of 100 Billion coins and even though more than 50% of the Ripple coin supply is already in circulation, historically its price averages out at way over $1. So, what is important here is not the max supply versus $1 starting price - but how many tokens are put into circulation, how fast and what real utility we create for the token through our dApps, in order to offer users reasons to buy and spend GRAT tokens. In other words, our distribution strategy allows for us to have a demand growth always ahead or higher than the offer.

Why are you distributing so much of the supply for free?

Offering a UAC incentive (User Acquisition Cost) Incentive is part of our long term marketing and distribution strategy. The reason we want more than 90% of the supply distributed to as many users as possible over many years is firstly to create market stability through organic uniform distribution of tokens (avoiding a high number of whales), and secondly we are using this as a marketing strategy, to incentivize new users to join, bring their friends and spend tokens in our dApps. Having a signup bonus or referral bonus is the most cost efficient method of attracting users to new dApps and platforms, since advertising on most platforms is restricted and offers poor results.

Why are you not allocating some of the total supply for the team?

Allocating a big percentage of the total supply for the team initially is a mistake most projects make and it's a fatal mistake in most crypto projects. This creates a high risk for the team to become unmotivated to work for the mission, to plan their exit at some point, affecting the delivery of the technology and our growth as a community. Also, we do have an allocation from the Genesis fund which can be up to 200M tokens or more for the team, again, this is 0.06% of the supply and it's more than enough. If it's necessary in the future, we can reallocate a bit of the UAC Incentives reserve.

Why are you not allocating some of the total supply for advertising?

Because advertising is not working for crypto. Most social media platforms have restricted or banned Crypto / Blockchain advertising and if you do find a way around it, the industry standard for any type of business or project advertising is around 2% conversion rate. This is a huge waste of resources and this is why we have the UAC Incentives reserve for, to offer a direct monetary value to new users and to motivate them to bring their friends to our dApps and platforms.

Listing on Exchanges

Other exchanges may be targeted for listing to increase the demand for GRAT so that we can slowly offer the tokens reserved for research and creating awareness, to pay for recruiting Top Global Talent, and of course to develop all initiatives further.

Our ambitious projects require a lot of resources, and volunteers, but also paid developers, all working on different projects and initiatives that are a huge challenge on their own and they all need support from the community of early adopters that will raise funds over time through the long term offerings, similar to what EOS has done in the past, raising 4.2 Billion dollars, the most successful coin offering in history.

NPPoS (Non Profit Proof of Stake)

We invented a new method of allowing access to services which requires users to hold some GRAT tokens at the time of taking certain actions in such a dApp. It supports the adoption and holding of GRAT tokens, making the GRAT supply available on the exchange markets smaller and smaller. You can see it implemented for the first time in SHIELD.

Adaptive IDO (Initial DEX Offering)

Each month 8.000.000 tokens from the 100 million tokens IDO fund will be offered on exchanges.

For any month with reports (tokens that were not acquired by investors), the reported tokens will be carried to the next month where we will only add a difference up to 8.000.000 tokens. This ensures an adaptive uniform distribution across time.

This means that the IDO supply will not increase more than 8.000.000 GRAT tokens per month until all 100 million tokens are consumed by investors.

This semi-automatic emission method is as adaptive as PoW (Proof of Work), but with the major difference, or should we say extra benefit that you don't have to invest in mining hardware / rent / power to issue new tokens.

We don't want to harm the Biosphere when you can just invest or register to a Genesis project to get and hold GRAT tokens.

After the 100 million tokens are in circulation, there will be only 3 ways to get some GRAT tokens:

  1. From early adopters - on some exchanges, from the early investors that consumed the presale and IDO supply (100 million GRAT tokens) or from GENESIS partners that unstake some of their tokens 2 years after staking.

  2. Signup or Referrals - by signing up to Genesis dApps or any BiiP based websites/apps or by refering others to those websites/apps you will get some quantity of free GRAT tokens.

  3. Creating and interacting with content - by creating content on dApps like biip.world or other dApps. From others reacting to your posts. From you doing certain actions in these dApps. You instantly receive some GRAT tokens from each action, reaction, or by sharing content from others. Essentially you are getting paid for exposure to your network of friends - a better alternative to classical advertising. Or you are receiving tokens from reactions, something we called Instant Crowd-funding.

Our simple yet effective strategy is enough to avoid allowing "whales" to gobble up most of the IDO supply and to avoid contributing to the already critical biosphere pollution problems. It's very important that we avoid chemical emissions that would have happened with a mining algorithm for minting/emitting the tokens.

The GRAT token price will appreciate organically over time, especially due to the demand that Genesis projects will create for the tokens.

The number 12 billion for the max supply was calculated on the basis of an 11 billion people Max Human Population, a maximum theoretically possible on our current 🌏 Earth - according to the best current Earth math and statistics, as you can see in the below video + 1 extra billion reserved for development and promoting the mission.

The extra 1 Billion tokens represent a development and insurance fund that will help us further develop gratitudetoken.world projects and create awareness. Every important decision to sell development fund tokens or list GRAT on a new exchange will have to pass voting through SHIELD.

We rely on our community for the support and growth of the gratitudetoken.world mission. The funds raised by selling tokens in Phase 1: Presale & IDO and from Phase 2: The Genesis Reserve - will be allocated to pay for development, logistics and marketing.

Rewards will be given from this fund to collaborators based on their contribution.

The fundamental formula for mass adoption

Education => Knowledge => Utility => Community => Demand => Growth

The value of GRAT tokens will organically grow due to the development of Genesis projects where we are distributing most of the supply over many years through UAC incentives for registration and for referring.

User Acquisition Incentives (example for GRAT priced at $10):

  • You signup to BiiP.world (or any Genesis dApp) - you get 1 free GRAT Token

  • You refer a friend to BiiP.world (or any Genesis dApp) - you get 1 free GRAT token

NPPoS (Non-Profit Proof of Stake)

A unique way to stake GRAT tokens, decreasing the market sell offers (the circulating supply) - in exchange getting access to quality online services that would otherwise require a monthly or yearly subscription.

If you no longer need a specific service or product, you can withdraw your tokens from it any time. So eventually such a service is free.

For example: we could pay for hosting services in this manner, or any other online service to any app or platform.

Another example: You will be able to stake Gratitude Tokens in SHIELD and become a member for 6 or 12 months, having a say in the decisions taken by the team and community for our mission. Participating in the closest thing we have to true democracy with the purpose to sustain the best course for our mission.

The NPPoS protocol is revolutionary in crypto currency projects because it creates a very powerful incentive for the acquisition of users while helping the price of an associated crypto currency appreciate.

It works like this:

You pay for a subscription plan to any dApp that implemented BiiP by staking some tokens, helping increase the price of a token / coin - while at any given moment you are able to cancel a subscription/plan and instantly refund all your tokens.

The costs of hosting the infrastructure for such a dApp are supported by the entire network (by people accross the globe that don't know each other). In essence, they are hosted by a blockchain network at insignificant costs.

A win for early adopters/investors

Developers, companies, and private persons will need more GRAT tokens to be able to participate in the new generation of platforms and apps. They will only be able to get it from early adopters that took a slice of the 100 million tokens IDO.

A win for people that don't have money to buy GRAT

Users will receive small amounts of GRAT tokens just for registering to Genesis platforms where they can begin to experience the new biospheric value flow.

Getting 1 free token (or less if the price of GRAT appreciates) is important, especially for people who can't afford to invest, but who can create awareness and refer other users to Genesis dApps.

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