The privacy dilemma

You're spreading your info unsafely all over the web

Having access to online websites, apps, services should not obligate us to give away so much of our personal information.

Users should be able to choose how much personal information they want to give away and the services must accommodate the different levels of information they receive, nobody should exclude someone just because they don't have a corporate identity, an ID card for example, or if they don't have an email, a home address, or if they don't have a utility bill or bank statement.

People are not products. Our "national security" number which is nothing but a bar code for "human assets" should be abolished and all humans should have access to the digital side of humanity.

Some might argue that without giving away this information we cannot protect the users of a digital service, especially a financial service offered by a financial company.

This is completely false, having so much personal information about the users does not serve to protect the users, it serves only the corporations that covet this big data.

Through our agreement or consent, they can then find new ways to harness value out of our data, and of course, they can even sell it to other parties as they please.

Remember the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal?

Most companies can sell your information because you agree to their terms & conditions which you never read. So legally, they are allowed to do it.

The terms & conditions of big corporations are the only thing you need to prove they are not concerned for the well-being of the users. The internet made it very easy for sociopaths to manipulate us to sign contracts that make us their assets.

The internet was meant to be a free space where anyone can join and explore, just like in the real world. In our current reality, things are very different, maybe even opposite.

Companies that demand all your personal information to offer you a malevolent service disguised as a benevolent service do not offer any protection at all, just like in the real world nobody can guarantee that you will eat a meal, have no accidents, or even survive every day.

These companies are concerned only about profits extracted from information/content we the people possess or create and they obligate us to share our information, our life ... every second of it, in greater and greater detail, so they can better target their advertisement system.

The madness called advertising must end if we are to evolve as a species.

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