DO - Stands for action, movement, creativity, service, energy.

Before going forward, you must watch this video:

What if money was no object - Alan Watts

The culture most of us grew up in, has not prepared us at all for what we need to DO, to create our dream life.

Rather it educated us on how to become a cog in a system of endless survival, work, misery, boredom, and suffering. It tricked us into believing we are small, just an employee.

It never taught us how to use our mind and energy more and more efficiently.

But we can DO this simply by getting good at something we love.

The things we love bring us joy and joy is the ultimate reservoir of endless energy for human beings.

We should NOT be thinking about how to get more money, how to hoard more units of currency or other symbols, and fall into the trap of thinking that if we had more money, we could have everything we ever wanted.

That way of thinking will only bring us extreme vanity and selfishness while we fall into the dark side of humanity, consuming everything ignorantly.

Studies show that over 90% of all the people who won the lottery, in a few years ended up worse than they were before they won.

Do you understand what this means?

Having money is not the correct answer to our dream life.

Doing what we love for daily joy, being grateful for that opportunity, and for what life has to offer is the only sustainable way to live our desired life.

We need to stop thinking about what type of job is highly paid, let's think instead about what is valuable to us in our dream life. What did you enjoy doing as a child? What brings you joy? DO that, get good at it without thinking of a retirement plan. Always and without exeption, serve yourself first, but then support others.

When our energy is spent efficiently by living, by taking the risk of doing what we love every day, the act of creation is perfected and others will appreciate and value the quality of our actions, they will feel gratitude.

If we unite through the vibration of gratitude, miracles really can happen.

You see, by natural desire, interest, or curiosity, when people come together and join forces to support the development of an idea, great things appear in our reality, the impossible becomes possible.

And we don't all have to be developers, engineers, or scientists, but we all must have a better relationship with value and the representation of it, we must all have a better way of expressing our gratitude for the things or people we love in this world, otherwise, it's very difficult for crowds of people to take the right action.

We need an open source decentralized tool to share some of our accumulated value.

Let's create things we desire so we can enjoy them in our own life.

For one, the idea of crowdfunding and donations should not be mostly represented only in one of a few places like Kickstarter where people go to invest money to support the production of a certain product filtered through a process regulated by a centralized private company that provides the service. A company which is accepting only methods of payments controlled by the banks.

Instead, it should be an open source universal quality built in everywhere, in all apps, websites, and even physical places.

It should be a service that is defined by a highly benevolent consensus, with the ability to transfer value at the click/touch of a button, a form of value flow without intermediaries.

In this new open source paradigm, solutions will be demonstrated which will allow us to offer any type of digital service that will not be financed by advertising or banks.

Ads will no longer be needed to reach potential clients.

The end of the psychological warfare era called "advertising" will set us free and empower us in ways we cannot even imagine yet.

Companies will no longer demand for us to give away our data and our privacy so they can farm profits from it.

This is possible now using blockchain technology and we will demonstrate this with the dApps we will launch.

What crypto is doing for decentralizing currencies through blockchain technology, the right solution could also DO for universal crowdfunding and donations.

People need a little help to overcome the world built on greed and the only way to DO that is to be in a daily state of gratitude and participation.

We all need tools to be able to offer our gratitude any time we want and we need them now.

We have the technology to build tools to support the work on the materialization of an idea or to support researchers, artists, writers, journalists, and really anyone.

This should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, at any time and we should all be part of this revolution.

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