How does it work?

The main goal with the voting ability is to not allow anyone to become or remain a member without first making sure they aren't a bot (software), they are a unique human being and they're well-intended.

Issues and Proposals

A 50% + 1 or more collective consensus is required for an issue or proposal to be valid or to win.

After a member submits a post, all members can start voting, including the one that submited it.

The results of the votes are automatically calculated by the system after every vote.

It's not a perfect system yet, as humans are still needed to fix any issue and develop or implement any proposal to the code. Therefore, as with any tool like this, the team has the right to reject a result for an issue or proposal for technical or logical reasons that will be attached in comments to the public issue or proposal, so everyone can see.

For the same reasons, in the beginning, the team can tackle issues or implement proposals even if they have under 50% consensus.

That being said, we will strive to improve the membership and voting mechanism so that we get as close as possible to a feasible and sustainable solution for transparent open sourced democracy (not like the corrupt fake democratic system we have today).

The process behind SHIELD will be 100% transparent and public, as it should be and as all true open source communities should make their decisions.

Private SHIELD membership types

For classical companies, to become a member, you must stake a fixed amount of 100 GRAT tokens for GUARDIAN and 10.000 GRAT tokens for VISIONARY (this might change in the future).

The staking cost of joining and the number of membership types can change in the future.

All these decisions and many others can be voted on by SHIELD members.

The VISIONARY membership allows you to create posts.

SHIELD memberships do not give out dividends or give any special benefits.

After 1 year, if a member unstakes his tokens, the membership can be renewed at any time by depositing the minimum staking amount again.

Early Days

The effectiveness of the model/mechanism for raising issues, making proposals and voting depends on the number of initial members that are dedicated to the mission.

If we have enough members in the early days, the operational model can be developed faster as more voting content and voting power equals a faster consensus and more awareness, but true democracy has never been achieved so far with any system.

So we are realistic in this regard, but hopeful that we can do something good here no matter what the results will be.

The difference will most likely be made by the fact that SHIELD members have no financial benefits from being a member, being part of a democratic non-profit PoS participation system means they must be in it for the mission, for progress, not for profit, for gratitude, not for greed.

It is our greatest desire that over time, SHIELD membership types and features will be improved so that SHIELD will become better at its role and true democracy will hopefully one day be achieved and the whole world will use or implement a SHIELD open source system to vote on their issues and proposals.

The end of surveillance media

We talked about a Biosphere Consciousness Internet and the new Gratitude technology that will do its part in the transition towards it.

You can now see how internet technology and A.I. seems to be used to imprison us rather than free us. At we want to do our part in tackling this unfolding crisis.

We envision solutions that can really change the wrong direction we are headed for. And I can't help but keep thinking that in our current paradigm of a Surveillance Media World, we are β€œsummoning the demon” as Elon Musk said it.

DO we have time to change this?

Join us and support the community, ask questions later!

Billions of people are now being watched and recorded every second of every day through their smartphones, laptops, PCs, TVs, wearables, smart home devices, etc.

Everything you say, type, and every micro-expression or movement you make is being constantly analyzed by A.I. to discover new ways to manipulate and extract value from you and your family, value that is transferred to the corporations developing the A.I. ignorantly, for profit, for greed.

It's like there's already a core system somewhere that wants to understand human behavior better than any other human or group of humans ever could.

Seems like technology has a mind of its own, but I believe that if we act now, we have time to avoid societal self-destruction by A.I. – not like in the Terminator movies but like in the Elysium (2013) movie.

We need to educate ourselves about this.

DO your part and inform your families, and your friends, discuss this subject.

Time is running out.

Share the main website and this White Paper with your family and friends, read everything together and watch the videos together and discuss the information and how it can impact everyone's life.

We need to change how we use the internet so that it won't use us.

The internet was supposed to bring forth the age of enlightenment, to set our species free. But so far, it mostly imprisoned us.

A tool must serve righteously and not be allowed to imprison the human spirit. Our collective creative energy will be freed.

You can act now and support the mission of A simple sharing of our website is doing a lot for the mission.

And when we succeed, we can once again as a species take back the power that was taken away from us by greed and ignorance.

Maybe we can change our direction and maybe… just maybe, we can go towards what Jason Silva explained in this video on the next page in symbiosis, not as slaves: The Six Epochs of Evolution

This would be a positive outcome for technology and humans, a Biosphere Consciousness.

Must Watch Documentary to understand the big A.I. crisis that is coming: In the Age of AI (full film) | FRONTLINE

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