Inspired by the infinite torus, Genesis is a partnership program and a GRAT Venture Capital fund for 8 chosen projects that will begin and lead the change towards the new Biospheric Internet era.

Up to 1 Billion GRAT tokens will be reserved for the development of 8 Genesis Initiatives.

These GRAT funds are necessary to attract investors, talented developers, storytellers, communicators, and educators, allowing them to create a better alternative to the currently established services running on the pyramid model of "business as usual".

Our mission is very ambitious and will require a lot of supporters but also people who want to be rewarded for their work.

In essence, this is a long term investment for the development of the gratitudetoken.world mission.

The tokens reserved for each of the 8 Genesis projects will be used to pay for the costs of developing the technologies and platforms or apps in the Genesis initiative, to reward the contributors in close partnership with the GRAT team and under strict, transparent community supervision, published and vetted firstly by GRATITUDE SHIELD.

Emission method through Genesis initiatives

dApps utility = Demand = Price growth

The value of GRAT tokens will organically grow due to the development of Genesis projects where we are distributing most of the supply (10.9 billion tokens) over years as UAC incentives for registration and for referring. The GRAT tokens will be required to fully enjoy the advantages of our BiiP based - Web 3 dApps.

Developers, companies, and private persons will need more GRAT tokens to be able to participate in the new generation of platforms and apps.

So, basically, users will receive small amounts of GRAT tokens just for registering to Genesis platforms or by referring their friends to signup - then we can all begin to experience the new biospheric value flow.

Getting some free tokens is important, especially for people who can't afford to invest, but who can create awareness.

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