Beyond revolutionary

The old, centralized and private β€œADS EVERYWHERE” profit-based Business Model for digital platforms of any kind must end.

The new, open source BiiP model is here.

Any individual, company, or community developing a website or app can now support BiiP using GRAT tokens as a representation of Digital Monetary Value that can be used better than we ever used fiat money.

The old Status Quo

Nothing is free in a Surveillance Capitalist Society. We keep paying for online services with the most precious resources humanity has: Attention - or if you prefer: Time and Privacy.

What do we get in return? We get poorer.

Democracy requires privacy, and there's none within a Surveillance State.

3 questions arise:

#1 What are filter bubbles?

companies like Goggle and Fakebook have stopped giving you information as it naturally flows, which is chronologically and literally, so we are all stuck in their filter bubble. In other words, we are allowing them to curate everything we consume. We didn't pay attention while they pulled this trick on us.

They have decided for us, that they will show us only what they want and they are not allowing us to discover the information that We want, when We want it, how We want it. Video below or here: Beware online 'filter bubbles' | Eli Pariser

#2 Why do we waste so much time?

in someone's corrupt, privately-owned social media bubble, when we know for a fact, it does not give back to us? Maybe it's because there was no real awesome alternative, so far.

#3 When are we going to migrate to a more "biosphere oriented media"?

You'll love this quote:

"Like the Roman Empire, social media will ultimately lose the faith of its followers because it has become too large and too unwieldy to control and regulate. People will eventually become sick of supporting a medium that provides the means for the worst of humanity to plan and perpetrate their foul deeds. The sadness of it all is that those who had the original idea and developed the platforms and software were quite clever enough to realize this and able to predict how it would be misused. Unfortunately, they couldn't see beyond the dollar signs in their eyes, once they realized how personal data could be harvested and mined to provide them with vast wealth. Now almost everyone sees it for what it is and gradually as more people become its victims, it will gradually die." - Nigel Furness (Musician, thinker, author)

Do you see the problem?

The πŸ”Ί Surveillance Media Pyramid Model of Digital Human Interaction is the problem.

Their entire business is about mining the data of your life.

With this hierarchical model, 1% of the world population extracts most of the collective value and as you go towards the bottom of the pyramid, the rest of the billions of users get almost none of it.

Are we really going to ignore this and go back to interacting with their malevolent platforms the next second after reading this? (Unless it's for sharing our website or related content, then by all means, DO Create Awareness!).

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