BiiP & Gratitude token

The perfect web 3 Yin and Yang

Why is our technology the most powerful solution to restore the beautiful side of humanity in our world? Keep reading.

Dear brothers and sisters, friends, we can lift ourselves up!

Our exchange of information and creativity should not be a vanity or profit-oriented zero-sum game, because that is the result of greed and mania, it is mass psychosis and mass egomania.

Gratitude is the answer

We can use the BiiP model and the GRAT token to allow for the flow of digital content / real-world value in any digital market or network to be shared uniformly and organically across itself.

We regard it as 🌍 real-time global gratitude energy which should be freely and uniformly flowing, nourishing us all to our highest human potential.

Currently, our collective energy is being siphoned (for the lack of a better expression) by what our best psychologists might describe as psychopaths or sociopaths and the whole world is suffering because of them.

It's our turn to grow and prosper! Their game will soon be over.

Gratitude Token and BiiP

What sets the BiiP account powered by GRAT tokens apart from other similar protocols?

It's not just a way to connect to a wallet or dApp, it's a decentralized encrypted copy of personal information attached or associated with a unique username, all stored safely using only the most advanced blockchain technology.

A BiiP account is made from 3 main components:

  1. A Proton username - Forever stored in a decentralized blockchain. Only the owner, BiiP, and 3rd parties authorized by the owner (to some extent but with limitations) can execute transactions for this account. Nobody else can see the account secret key for this username except the owner by signing the operation using his wallet app, the secret key is never exposed to any human other than the owner of the account.

  2. Personal Information like Names, Emails, Addresses, Social Security numbers, and other crypto accounts. Just like the username, this information is encrypted and stored on decentralized nodes around the world. Only the BiiP system can with the permission of the account owner share this information with 3rd parties. The owner of the account can authorize 3rd party apps/services upon registration to have access only to the personal information he wants.

  3. An API (Application Programming Interface) and GUI (Graphical User Interface) that allows the account owners to authorize and govern access for 3rd party websites/apps/games to their personal information and funds. In other words, besides the personal information shared on registration, the features in this component allow the account owners to govern 3rd party abilities to execute custom GRAT transactions on behalf of him/her for different actions/events triggered on 3rd party platforms/apps (actions like transferring, reacting, sharing, investing, funding or donating custom amounts of GRAT tokens).

You (the account owner) are the only one able to govern your information. The app or website owner can only see the information you authorize it to see. By default, nobody sees anything other than the public username, name and avatar.

Nobody except the owner and 3rd party websites/apps authorized by the owner can run operations on the account and the settings for authorized 3rd parties can be changed at any time in BiiP.

Only the owner of the account can ever access these settings, so it is crucial that the secret key to the account is stored safely by its owner.

BiiP does not have a way to expose the secret key directly to any other party. The account owner is the only human that can see the account secret key.

Once authenticated on any website/app using BiiP (for example on, you now have the ability to update any field containing your personal information and customize transaction amounts and limits for different actions for all the authorized 3rd parties. Not just for the keeper of information (website/app), but for all keepers (authorized websites/apps).

All the critical information (secret key and personal information) is highly encrypted and stored on a file storage blockchain - on computers and servers around the world that don't know each other.

Nobody except you has access to this information and you are the only one who can change it, for simply by using your wallet app to confirm you are the owner of the account.

None of the Personal Information fields are β€œRequired” to pass validation of any account update and you may update the information at any time you like by authenticating on any website/app using BiiP, starting with

Now, let's take a minute to consider a very big difference between other online authentication methods like OAuth for example and BiiP:

Any time you want to register to a website or app that implemented the BiiP authentication method, you can choose precisely each piece of information that you want to share with that website.

This is different than OAuth and other authentication protocols where the website or app requests personal information from you and the only option you have is to accept or the registration process will fail. Crazy I know.

But with BiiP launched, we will have a unique way of registering, while enjoying a unique way of rewarding interactions on websites and apps and while being able to crowdfund anything, anywhere. All are available to users at the click/touch of a button.

It's very hard to make technology simpler to use than this.

It's very hard to make technology as powerful as this.

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