The Opportunity

We are heading towards the beginning of a 🌏 Worldwide Digital Revolution which is happening ⏰ Right Now.

Approximately 10 corporations own all of the internet and mass media.

Together we will end this πŸ”Ί Pyramid Scheme that has been going on for far too long.

In this pyramid game, a few become billionaires and the users become miserably addicted to their masterfully designed Echo Chambers, remaining poor and ignorant.

These β€œElite” consciously design software that consumes hours in your day and years in your life and this is possible because you essentially give away all those tens of thousands of hours throughout your life, for free.

But what if we can choose better?

We live in a world of creation and consumption where we can all be both creators and consumers, but our 🌍 collective biospheric wisdom and power comes from sharing, not hoarding.

The owners of the current technologies and of the most popular digital platforms are hoarders, they don't care about the users, on the contrary, they regard us as animals on a farm.

We must go back to the drawing table, starting with the basics:

createconsumeinvest in




We can think of a better 🌐 model for apps/websites like social media, where all users can benefit from the network, where nobody gets left behind. Enough with the 1% vs 99% game, let's even things out!

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