Beyond advertising

No profit schemes. No monopoly. No pyramid schemes. Just Open Source Freedom.

GRAT stands for a fair participation and interaction model manifested through one single unifying truth, the truth of a ๐ŸŒ Biosphere Consciousness where all things are inclusive.

Without exploiting our lives for profit, โ€œbig playersโ€ like bankers, social media corporations, and other types of services will have to join us or face extinction.

We can transition from a ๐Ÿ”บ Hierarchical Pyramid System centered on Profit and Exclusivity - to a ๐ŸŒ Biosphere Consciousness Network centered on contribution and inclusivity.

This new approach can uniformly distribute the results of the daily creative energy spent by humanity, it will transfer for example the users of social media to a better BiiP based medium of interaction, part of the Gratitude Biospheric Internet where apps and websites are run by Gratitude Energy instead of greed, espionage, false information and fake fame.

On, this process will be transparent for both Creators and Consumers, which naturally you can be both at the same time.

  • As a Consumer you can choose an automatic amount given away for every interaction with content created by others, or manually send tokens in one click/touch.

  • As a Creator you can choose an automatic amount of GRAT to give to users sharing your content with others, the more generous, the more exposure you get.

In both examples, GRAT is automatically transferred to the users' wallets without any human intermediary (bank) approving the transactions, all 24/7.

The GRAT operational model for

By using the GRAT protocol in, one simple โ€œLikeโ€ can automatically send a small, custom GRAT token amount to the post author (source of the post) as a Token of Gratitude which is worth something in any currency (you can exchange the tokens for any currency, even fiat).

In this way, the interaction was made valuable for both parties and the author is motivated to keep creating quality content that is evaluated and appreciated by humans, not by algorithms and their owners.

The same model is perfect also in the case of other people or businesses who want the same thing (exposure), but with different goals like Communication, Digital Content, Crowd Funding, Brand Building, User Conversions, Purchases, Exposure in general.

Natural monetization and exposure

Our exposure/reward model is based on a digital โ€œword of mouth effectโ€ achieved naturally and organically, without bothering to create and manage any ad campaigns that most of the time fail to serve the clients to get more value from their business/idea.

You are free to focus on creation!

Share2Earn & Like2Give

We are the first in the world to work on these 2 concepts. We invented them for

By using these 2 mechanisms, we are creating a self-sustaining and self-balancing yin and yang type of system.

People will freely exchange information or digital content by sharing and reacting to posts and these actions will have real currency attached to them. You can either earn money, or pay for exposure, organically, naturally, without creating and managing ads.

In our platform/app, the value created and exchanged between human beings will flow naturally, without any blockages, without fees and without taxes.

By using our BiiP exposure model for a platform/app instead of the old โ€œads monetizationโ€ model, the interaction with the content created by the users will evolve organically and the value created and shared by the entire network will increase and flow organically across all dimensions of human activity associated with or invested in such a network.

In other words, your reactions can send GRAT tokens to authors, and sharing posts can send you GRAT tokens from the author.

Of course, for sharing of content, criteria like the number of friends and their level of activity in the last month are measured, also if users have actually seen the post shared. The user who shares something is the one receiving GRAT tokens from the source (original author of the post).

As with any exposure we seek, we must compensate those who do the exposure for us, so as an author we should share some of the benefits we get from our exposure, we can give back to the community that grows naturally, without any need for psychological warfare (ads) which are costly manipulative designs using click bait or dark pattern design to trick you.

For Reaction and Share actions, GRAT tokens will be consumed automatically from your account as users interact with each other's posts.

If you run out of GRAT tokens you just need to share more content for others to get some or exchange other currency for GRAT tokens and then transfer them to your GRAT Protocol account.

And, if you don't have a required minimum amount for each of the 2 actions (Reaction or Sharing), the action will still be successful, but the system will change the visibility of the post automatically so that it'll have a lower priority over other posts.

We also believe there is no point in gathering and analyzing huge amounts of personal information from users to get exposure only for certain users that matched certain keywords.

This is another mistake that internet tech corporations like Facebook, Google, and others make, which is to trick clients into believing that they have extraordinary control over their campaigns (the ability to tweak keywords and other information).

They let you play an expensive game with poor results.

Our goal is to leave the decision to act on information to the users and then build from that.

There is absolutely no conversion guarantee in targeting people that liked a specific page related to your activity/business and especially no guarantee for showing ads to people that said a certain keyword in a text or verbal conversation.

Ad targeting is a very bad excuse for spying on users.

Our operational model is fully natural and automatic, it keeps the tokens inside the network and creates organic natural movement of financial value and exposure for people and businesses.

It creates a true free exposure market based on appreciation and gratitude, as opposed to an advertising market where clients use psychological warfare, running campaigns that are not worth the money, based on privacy-less models of business developed from data greedily gathered by constantly spying on people to extract irrelevant out-of-context information.

The advertisement era of humanity is fading away slowly but surely.

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