🎁The currency of Free Humans & BiiP

GRAT is the fuel and BiiP is the tool for a Web 3 based on Gratitude

At GratitudeToken.world, we spent a lot of time and resources to answer one question:

How can we truly create mass adoption of blockchain technology to kickstart the age of Web 3?

After we really understood all the underlying problems connected to this question, the next step was obvious. So, we're currently developing a revolutionary fundamental blockchain protocol named BiiP (Biospheric Identity Internet Protocol). BiiP is a web 3 blockchain protocol built on Proton chain and together with our Gratitude Token they will be our main tools to liberate and empower humanity.

BiiP is trying to become the most widely used Web 3 protocol in the world, accessible from every website, platform or IoT device.

The Gratitude Token World team has identified 3 essential needs/requirements for any web project of any business/community, both today and also in the age of Web 3 and IoT (Internet of Things):

  1. Identity/User management

  2. 2way communication

  3. 2way financial transactions

Decentralized πŸ‘€User Management Model

This πŸ‘€model is universal for both human users and software users (bots or AI) and it’s critical to any business or web project that wants to engage with users/devices and/or allow users/devices to interact with each other in the age of Web 3 and IoT.

But in order to upgrade this model to Web 3, we need a protocol that can take us there. We need a fundamental technology as important as TCP/IP, what we call a β€œsecond layer technology” - a decentralized protocol that can bridge the gap between blockchain, users and developers quickly, with maximum scalability and free of cost (open source).

A lot of mass adoption obstacles needed to be solved for this to happen and so, the smart contracts needed for this protocol to exist can only run on bleeding edge blockchain technology, a network matching the following technical specifications:

  1. Speed (at least 4K TPS with ~1s finality and 0.5s block time)

  2. Feeless transactions (payment/transactions systems are not useful, easy to use or compelling economically if the user has to pay the fees, the fees should be paid by the developers, this enables great precision and possibilities for development)

  3. Unique Universal Usernames like @jessica123 (replacing complicated account addresses like 0x71C7656EC7ab88b098defB751B7401B5f6d8976F - which are impossible to read and transmit by humans.

  4. Developer Friendly Smart Contracts (smart contracts compatibility with popular languages like typescript and C++) - reducing the speed of development and the costs.

  5. Storage - of a little more data in the account in addition to the coins/tokens balance and the regular transaction history.

  6. Multi-signatures and the ability to add more than 1 private key to accounts.

  7. KYC at least LVL 1 (On-Chain Zero knowledge proof KYC) - resulting in verified tags assigned to the blockchain account.

In short terms, BiiP is about contractless and decentralized:

β€’ Authentication and registration (Identity)

β€’ Payments

β€’ User Management with no back-end

β€’ Storage & Delegation of Access to Personal Data and Finance

BiiP is the next logical and feasible step for the web and it can literally create mass adoption for blockchain technology. This is because, unlike blockchain technologies which are fighting the current web systems, separating themselves from most of the web and passively waiting for everyone to adopt their technology: firstly by learning a new obscure language or system and finally requiring them to redevelop their services, our protocol will instead slowly convince the web (websites and apps) to easily add our solution to their services, not to redevelop them.

BiiP offers a unique value proposition, a free alternative that can be implemented in minutes using a single line of code, and the user journey starts where it actually makes a difference: at the registration/authentication step of your app/website.

We're not waiting for over 70% of humanity (people that are not in the Generation Z age category) to realize the benefits of blockchain technology, we're taking on a more active and scalable approach.


Join the open source community developing BiiP, an All-In-One decentralized API for humanity, connecting the web to blockchain.


Around the biosphere, there are over 3 billion people with no way to access modern online services required to do business, trade or develop economic activity.

Over 2 billion don't have bank accounts and over 1 billion don't even have government issued IDs. So they cannot ask for payments, do transactions or safely store the value generated by their effort.

BiiP is the only solution that we know of, that can onboard these users without requiring Web 1 and Web 2 developers to have blockchain technology working knowledge, ushering everyone directly into the web 3 era through a language they already understand and using the web solutions they have already developed.

🌐 The Evolution of Technology and the Internet:

1. In the past, we used SIM cards for online registration and authentication. It simplified the process and removed barriers. But like audio cassettes, SIM cards are becoming obsolete.

2. We also used email, a widely adopted online identifier. It enabled us to connect and communicate, but it lacked decentralized storage and financial capabilities.

3. Social media giants hijacked online authentication protocols, centralizing our personal data in vulnerable databases. A loss of control and privacy.

πŸš€ Today, the game changer is here: BiiP

πŸ’‘ BiiP revolutionizes our online interaction, bringing together identity and finance on a fast and secure blockchain. No more passwords!

πŸ”’ With BiiP, a single blockchain username governs all your web accounts. It's secure, simple, and eliminates the need for centralized databases.

πŸ’° Say goodbye to traditional barriers! BiiP enables value storage, payments, and crowdfunding. It's a step towards a decentralized future for humanity.

🌍 Empowerment is key! BiiP bridges the gap between users and developers, fostering an inclusive environment for education, health, finance, and more.

πŸ”— Join the digital revolution with BiiP. Let's take back control of our identities, assets, and virtual strength. Together, we can shape a free and progressive future.



Fast integration of a revolutionary blockchain protocol that doesn't require blockchain knowledge to work with. Even kids will be able to create websites or apps and integrate BiiP in them, enabling unprecedented All-in-One decentralized features like:

  1. Integration in minutes - with one line of code, a <script> tag that calls the API & Interface.

  2. Feeless Transactions forever - imagine the possibilities for gamification and the Internet of Things.

  3. Super Micro Transactions - if you think micro transactions are cool, you're not even close.

  4. Super Speed - with over 4500 TPS at 1s finality or less (Up to 1000x times faster than ETH 2.0), scaling up your services is a non-issue.

  5. Dev friendly Smart Contracts - written in Typescript and C++ greatly reducing cost & time to find developers. Low upkeep for fast, sustainable, continuous development.

  6. OPTIONAL - OnChain Zero Knowledge KYC (L1) - for accounts (Unique Straw Man) - mandatory for some companies or government institutions.

  7. Universal unique @usernames - like Revolut has, replacing complicated crypto addresses which are hard to transmit and verify by humans.

  8. Easy to call actions - through the BiiP API, to request access to personal information or funds.

  9. Blockchain payment solution - to charge or pay your users, with detailed transaction history.

  10. User management - forget about expensive back-end solutions relying on classical centralized database systems.

  11. Reduces infrastructure costs - forget about expensive hosting for most web projects.


We are giving back the custody of information, eliminating obsolete intermediaries - by allowing developers to offer an alternative, a universal decentralized User2User Identity and Account management system through BiiP. As a BiiP user you will enjoy unprecedented levels of security, freedom and control over your personal information and funds - all available through a revolutionary responsive graphical web interface that allows you to authenticate to and manage your BiiP enabled websites or apps. Here's a short list of features that will be available to all of humanity, no matter who you are:

  1. No contracts - Registering on any BiiP enabled website or app, you do not need a government issued ID, or to sign any contract with a bank, or to provide an utility bill, to be able to authenticate as a user. You don't even need to provide an email account or a mobile number. The blockchain KYC verification is optional (only certain type of web businesses need it).

  2. Feeless transactions - All transactions done through any BiiP enabled platform or app is forever free User-2-User, except for transactions User-2-Business which may apply different costs.

  3. Unhackable - Personal Information & Finance storage on the blockchain using Quantum Resistant encryption methods, where you are the only one that can access or delegate access to your personal information and funds. Just like the permissions for apps on your phone, you are the only one who enables or disables access to any bit of information or funds at any time.

  4. Easy Authentication - using the WebAuth wallet app, on any website or app that offers BiiP authentication, you can scan a QR code and register or authenticate fast and easy, just like with Whatsapp web, but decentralized.

  5. One Private Key - All your accounts registered through your BiiP identity will use one single key, protected by biometrics in your mobile/desktop app. You will never have to use or memorize multiple passwords for BiiP enabled apps and websites and you will be able to manage all access to all your apps or websites from the BiiP interface anywhere you login/authenticate to.

  6. Delegated Access - You will become your own bank, providing access to your accounts, instead of banks providing access to theirs. This enables you to authorize/block websites or apps to access only the information or funds you allow and limit the number of transactions over the period of time that you configure at any time.


We are making it very easy to integrate BiiP into any classical Web 1 and Web 2 website or app. BiiP enables any web project or business, to add a highly evolved Web 3 Human registration and authentication alternative to unsecure centralized methods like Google and Facebook signup methods. BiiP authenticates users with a unique blockchain based identity (with optional KYC verification), all managed through a universal, user-friendly interface that bridges the gap between: Users - Blockchain - Developers. It allows anyone and everyone to dive straight into the benefits of using the most advanced blockchain technology to date, without having blockchain knowledge. BiiP identities use universal unique usernames @username - instead of complicated crypto wallet addresses. Even our grandparents will be able to use it.

πŸ”— Read more about BiiP

Blockchain technology can finally be used to free humanity from the matrix of financial slavery.


Through our Genesis Partnerships, we will be helping others develop BiiP based dApps (decentralized applications) that will have a powerful positive impact on society and the biosphere. Genesis dApps will slowly replace all the widely used online services currently provided by Banks, Social Media, Search, Knowledge, Video content networks, Crowdfunding platforms, Retails stores and others - we are effectively taking back the internet from corporations, turning concepts like profit and advertising into history, replacing them with more advanced User-2-User algorithms and concepts. The first Genesis dApp will be BiiP.world - a step beyond Web 2 (Social Media).

If we are successful, these next generation applications are designed in a way that allows everyone to quit their life draining 9 to 5 jobs and shift from the world of survival/competition - into the world of creative freedom, collaboration, shared economy, and the internet of things.


We created a fuel for this mission, a mission for a new decentralized biospheric internet and named it the Gratitude Token (GRAT). The token acts as a currency that can be used in any website and app currently running all over the web. The integration required to enable this currency on any website or app is free and can be done in minutes.

At GratitudeToken.world we want to redefine the way we represent, store, exchange and value digital information.

In order to accomplish the mission, we must all have a stake in it. We must all have a share of this fuel. We envision that at least 1 billion humans must own 10 gratitude tokens on average by 2030 to declare it successful.

The GratitudeToken.world community serves human progress, we work for the billions of souls living in our indivisible biosphere, and we're not just talking about the human species.


The purpose of our tokenomics is to distribute over 90% of the 12 Billion GRAT tokens freely to users, but slowly over many years and in a dynamic way that adapts to the market price. Users will receive tokens for registering on BiiP based dApps or by referring their friends to register. Read more about it here.

NPPoS (Non Profit Proof of Stake)

We invented a new model of business or method for allowing access to services - which requires users to hold some GRAT tokens at the time of taking certain actions in such a dApp. It supports the adoption and holding of GRAT tokens, making the GRAT supply available on the exchange markets smaller and smaller. You can see it implemented for the first time in SHIELD and soon on hassle.app.


Politicians keep discussing options and safety nets like UBI (Universal Basic Income) for worst case scenarios, for when Fiat will become obsolete. If you ask us, they've been objectively obsolete for over a decade. They've been talking about it for decades and that's the only thing they've done.

We are working on balancing the 1% vs 99% wealth gap by turning web hierarchy into biospheric internet unity.

Like the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, we aim to transform the way everyone uses the internet by redefining the way we value / appreciate and interact with digital information. In other words, we are creating technology that frees and empowers its users instead of exploiting them.

We dared to imagine a world beyond survival, beyond advertising, beyond profit-driven objectives, a world with very different incentives. A world where any transmission or reception of information anywhere on the web can have monetary value attached to it. A world where your personal information can never be stolen or leaked.

We are working for each other, not for profit. We are sharing, not hoarding.

Protected by the powerful GPL 3.0 license, our open source technology and dApps are providing real utility, making mass adoption possible, thus nurturing the shift towards a biospheric internet that will be based on a thought process fitting for a biosphere consciousness:


Scalability is key for blockchain adoption, but not just for one single parameter.

Without having all the pieces of the puzzle, Web 3 is not possible.

Our solution: BiiP is a revolutionary Layer 1 blockchain protocol developed on Proton chain. Together with our Gratitude Token, they will empower humanity.

Unlike other blockchain technologies, BiiP integrates seamlessly with existing web systems. Websites and apps can easily add our solution without redevelopment.

BiiP offers a free alternative that can be implemented in minutes with a single line of code, starting at the registration/authentication step.

We're actively pursuing mass adoption instead of waiting for the majority to catch up.

We hope you'll find the content of this white paper to be benevolent, objective and realistic.

And we hope you will resonate with us about the current state of our world and about what we can achieve when we really come together.

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