Deep in BiiP

But what's like, the system bro'?

BiiP (Biospheric Identity Internet Protocol) is firstly a decentralized API (Application Programming Interface), but also a graphical web interface, bridging the gap between users and developers through a revolutionary Online Authentication method using an encrypted identity running on a revolutionary fast & secure blockchain (Proton chain).

There is very little competition in this space. Blockchain has just reached a sufficient level of maturity to be able to store more than just transactions for tokens or NFTs.

Why is finance & identity stored in a single account on the blockchain revolutionary?

Let's explain it in more common terms and in chronological order:

  1. WhatsApp used SIM card identity instead of emails to register/authenticate users. This removed user friction or barriers. It eliminated discouraging registration forms with complicated onboarding processes. But, in 10 years, SIM cards will probably be a thing of the past just as audio cassettes were when .mp3 became popular. All this is centralized and does not have any decentralized way of storing and accessing transactions or other information.

  2. Corporations like Twitter, Facebook, and Google have copied the original idea of general online authentication and transformed it into corporate OAuth (Online Authentication) which is sadly a centralized, private and corrupt version of the original OAuth protocol which was conceivably a powerful Open Source tool for registration and authentication to online services. So now, every time you register / authenticate to a website or app using their service, these corporations are making another copy of your personal data (including passwords) in another vulnerable centralized database. Again, no way of storing or executing monetary transactions.

  3. BiiP is picking up on the idea of a "Decentralized Identity & Finance", taking it to the next level. BiiP is using a single unique blockchain username (instead of a complicated crypto address) to account for both Identity (Personal Data) and deFi (contractless transfers, payments and crowd-funding). It's the next revolution for online authentication and delegation of access to user information and funds. With BiiP you don't need any passwords, just one private key to govern all your web accounts, and you can enjoy a unique and extremely secure authentication method using blockchain account ownership confirmation as a proof of identity - with optional Zero Knowledge Proof KYC on chain. It's as fast and simple as scanning a QR code.

BiiP & GRAT solve 3 hard 21st-century internet problems:

  1. Biospheric Secure Authentication - with built-in authorization of 2nd and 3rd parties' access to personal information and funds, with optional Zero Knowledge Proof KYC (Know Your Customer) verification. BiiP can onboard over 3 billion people in the world who do not have real access to modern online services to do business (to store value and pay with it). Over 2 billion people don't own a bank account, cannot afford a GSM subscription and over 1 Billion don't even have a government issued ID card (they are invisible). But, through BiiP enabled solutions they can now do business: User2User, B2C and B2B by only having access to the internet. No fees for deposits & transfers, No extra costs, No contracts, Free forever.

  2. Biospheric Value Transfer System - BiiP allows you to authorize 3rd parties to make small transfers on your behalf for specific actions/events like subscriptions, in-app purchases and other actions, all configured by you. In essence, you become your own bank and payment services provider. BiiP will allow every exchange of information online to have currency attached to it. If information is valuable and money is energy, then Info + Energy = Progress. A gratitude based free flow of energy & information will replace (over time) the greed based hierarchy based model for vertical transfer of information and energy worldwide.

  3. Biospheric Funding/Exposure Services - BiiP and GRAT token together can eliminate the need for advertising by providing a unique User2User value transfer system, enabling humans to have an unprecedented freedom and control over value storage and online interaction. The delegation for account transactions executed by 3rd parties is possible, thus offering universal instant exposure and crowd funding functionalities.

BiiP & GRAT enables and empowers better, universal exposure and funding/payment alternatives for important digital services like:

Education, Health, Science, Crowdfunding, Finance, History and Data Banks, Search Engines, Apps, Ideas, Art, or Information in general.

The internet connected everyone and gave us unprecedented power and collective progress. But to ensure a free and progressive future for humanity it's not enough to be indirectly connected to it.

We must understand and take back our digitally derived value from the hands of corporations and we must protect and own our identities, our assets, and our virtual strength as a semi-virtual species, otherwise, the corporate networks that took over the internet will indirectly create a virtual singularity, an A.I. that will instead own us.

WE don't want the Matrix movie to become real.

It's time to decentralize value and take back our freedom.

BiiP is a step in the right direction, the first of its kind just like Bitcoin was 14 years ago, it's a benevolent, virtual grassroots movement.

IP (Internet Protocol) is basically a physical address or an address for a physical device/machine. Similarly, BiiP represents a virtual address for a Biospheric Internet Identity that is created by a human, not a corporate entity.

The BiiP network is built on top of the global IP network, this is why it's called a โ€œsecond layer technologyโ€.

Our BiiP implementation aims to transform the way we access digital services and understand their relationship with our physical reality.

This "Identity" Card represents my Romanian corporate identity, also known as a straw man. It was issued by a government corporation and so it belongs to it, not to me. The national insurance number represents an asset/insurance for the Romanian corporation, not for me as a human.

The information about my straw man and all other documents like it (starting with the birth certificate) is used by government corporations in different global markets to derive and create value for the leaders of the pyramid structure of the corporation, in my case Romania, so not for me, my family, my friends or my community. They accomplish this by falsely promising to take care of me in return. They promise rights, roads, medical services, etc.

BiiP allows you to create a digital blockchain-based future-proof alternative to the straw man identity.

No corporation will be able to control it. We believe in a Decentralized Identity / Information / Content / Resources - Operational Model which must follow an Inclusive-Open Source formula, different from the old and exclusive โ€œPatent-based and Profit-based Business Modelsโ€.

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