Gratitude Token (GRAT)

The first cryptocurrency to use BiiP is the GRATITUDE Token, a deflationary fast, secure, and feeless token running on the most advanced blockchain to date: Proton chain.

The Purpose of GRAT token is to facilitate better web 3 services, it represents the fuel for the new bleeding-edge alternatives to all the important Internet Layer Applications which are currently defining most of what we call The Internet, thus transforming how the human species communicates, evaluates and interacts.

Some of the GRAT tokens are reserved for promoting the projects that will create Real Use Cases to create demand, thus increasing the network's self-worth or the network's universal real-world value and utility.

GRATITUDE TOKEN will harness the power of Blockchain Technology to decentralize the financial/monetary value created, shared, and invested by users of any digital network.

We are working on decentralizing the Value derived from our Digital Selves. There are 3 main actions that we need to take:

create – bring (something) into existence.

ascribe - regard a text, quotation, or work of art as being produced by or belonging to (a particular person or period).

invest - provide or endow someone or something with (a particular quality or attribute).

The Symbolic Representation of Subjective or Objective Value ascribed or attributed to the work of any individual on Earth must be distributed uniformly across all Humanity if, as an advanced sentient species we want to live in a paradigm of Collaboration & Joy instead of Competition & Greed.

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