The BiiP standard

Protocol Definition

BiiP is based on what we camm DUMM.

Decentralized πŸ‘€User Management Model

Technically speaking, BiiP is a decentralized API & GUI defined by:

  1. A decentralized, fast, feeless, Non-PoW blockchain using the account username or crypto address as a unique user identifier.

  2. An encrypted, decentralized, identity storage system managed through account association. This means that as a human, I can create a blockchain-based unique username allowing me to store, modify and govern my personal information on the blockchain (info like name, sex, age, email, IM IDs, mobile numbers, current address, personal documents, funds and other settings).

  3. A way for a keeper of information, meaning websites or apps that implement BiiP, to request information or transaction delegation, thus having access to user management and an advanced payment system.

  4. The solution must allow anyone to implement its custom BiiP API on any website/app, allowing humans to easily register or log in by authenticating with their smartphone or secret key.

  5. The ability for all account owners to govern 3rd party access to their personal information and to their funds.

  6. The ability for all account owners to authorize 3rd parties (websites and apps) to execute small or custom transactions on their behalf (obeying owner-configured rules).

  7. Protection against public exposure for any personal info unauthorized by the owner (except public info like username, name, avatar and transactions).

  8. A solution for browsers/apps to remember users that registered or logged in.

  9. A SHIELD type platform where members can vote or vet on raised issues and proposals/polls in the interest of transparency, for the project's mission and objectives.

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