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Surveillance "social media" as we know it has taken over the internet (so far) and it's difficult to step outside the matrix they've created.

Can you imagine the internet without it now?

If you can, you already understand our vision! We are grateful.

You probably experienced by now that the β€œsocial” part of corporate social media is not really social and that advertising with them is an expensive game with poor results.

β€’ Their users are more anxious and depressed than ever before.

β€’ Their ads perform terribly, even on their best day.


  • After spending time there, did it really make you feel like you socialized?

  • Are you aware that the big social media platforms lie to you about the results of your campaigns?

  • Are you aware that they allow bots on their platforms to click on your ads so they can get your money?

  • Are you not fed up to pay for expensive creatives, ads, agencies and marketing strategists with unbelievably poor results?


  • Studies have shown that most people feel lonely, anxious, angry and depressed while and after β€œsocializing” in today's social media.

  • You probably wondered why a better platform isn't taking over Facebook yet.

  • Censorship is now at a nazi level there, information feeds are manipulated into a personal information prison, a filter bubble.

  • There is no transparency and they treat users as products, not as human beings.

The echo chamber effect

"The echo chamber effect occurs online when a harmonious group of people amalgamate and develop tunnel vision. Participants in online discussions may find their opinions constantly echoed back to them, which reinforces their individual belief systems due to the declining exposure to other's opinions."


  • Corporate media does not promote the progress of our species, not just because of the echo chamber effect, the problem runs deep - it's about a hierarchical system oriented towards profit - by it's very nature it's a destructive force.

  • Billions of human beings are being ripped off. Entrepreneurs are being robbed through inefficient and corrupt advertising (corrupt exposure system) of their money, and all of their users are being robbed of precious time and attention.

  • The entire platform then builds up a negative polarization, promoting negative and false information 6 times faster than positive truth-based information between users. So, the biosphere problems are ignored and we are all contributing to the 6th great extinction event.

  • Should we keep giving power to such a model of species wide organization?

  • Or should we explore a better alternative, a shift if you will, to a unifying biosphere consciousness model of species organization?


The first and a very important Genesis initiative will be

As a user here, you can do all the important stuff you can do now on social media, without government identity verification or fiat payment services and without advertising.

As a user here, you will never see an ad. All users are equal and there are no special pages or statuses, we all start as equal and it doesn't matter if we are individuals or companies.

As a user here, imagine you are just scrolling or swiping like usually through your feed, then you stop at a post you like, and you click on share. Because of this, you receive an instant transfer of GRAT tokens worth ~ $1 or even ~ 5$ if you have around 5000 active friends that can bring exposure to the author.

The post author is conscious of this mechanism as he/she set the amount to pay for that exposure himself/herself, to show appreciation or gratitude towards the person sharing the content.

As a user here, you arrive at a post you like, and of course, you feel the need to react by pressing a reaction button. In the background, an automatic instant transfer of GRAT tokens worth ~ $1 from your wallet to the original author of the post is executed (the amounts mentioned are just hypothetical examples).

You are conscious of this mechanism as you set the amount yourself to show your appreciation or gratitude by donating it to the author of the post (the amounts mentioned are just hypothetical examples).

All this is done at the click/touch of a button. That's it!

This mechanism will be available for all apps/platforms that implement BiiP.

  • No advertising (no more reasons to spy on users).

  • No more expensive campaigns!

  • You share your thoughts, your work, your life and earn money for it.

  • The first Share2Earn & Like2Give crypto concepts.

  • Super Micro Transactions are now possible for any user actions.

  • Organic exposure & instant funding available for all users.

  • Anyone can raise funds for any cause and impact the world naturally.

The platform/software will be developed and maintained by volunteering and paid developers in the beginning years, by early investors that raised the development fund, and by SHIELD members that participate in the vetting and voting of all members, issues, and proposals.

There is no profit for them except, fairly from the early investment they are making with their time/currency. We eliminated the need to show ads on the platform, ever.

So, in essence, as a user registered on the new platform you can empower others by sending them GRAT tokens or you can earn a living by bringing others exposure to their content and receiving GRAT tokens for it (no matter what type of content it is, links, images, videos, etc.).

Consciousness is expanding, slowly but surely we realize that maybe, all we have to DO, is to imagine a better digital media, a biospheric media if you will and exclude the word β€œsocial” from a digital platform that is never going to replace real human socialization.

All Together, we are waking up to this transition and we need you!

This is one of the most important Genesis initiative out of the 8 and it's already in development.

We are talking about a Decentralized Biosphere Consciousness Media platform. It's the next generation of human media that does not use advertising for revenue.

It's built by you, me, everyone and it is hosted on many different computers around the biosphere, belonging to people that don't know each other. Blockchain allows us to do this now.

We live in incredible times, let's be aware of this and not lose any more time in echo chambers, in information prisons!

How do you become a user?

When will be launched, you can just signup with your WebAuth mobile wallet app username.

You will be able do this on any website / app / device that uses BiiP technology.

No SMS, No Email, No obligatory KYC (corporate identity verification), simple and for everyone.

3 simple roles with a gratitude twist

  • Creator of Content - No matter if it's writing words, creating images, videos, services, etc. - Creators need other people to recognize their work, appreciate it, and even invest/purchase those creations. This can be done by allowing creators of content to receive GRAT tokens automatically in their wallet which come from the wallet of any Consumer (user) that likes or interacts with their content (the amount can be customizable only by the Consumer).

  • Consumer of Content - As a consumer, you don't have to just give away your attention for free, you can share the work of Creators and because this action benefits the Creator more than the Consumer, a number of GRAT tokens can be sent from the Creator wallet to the Consumer wallet that shared his/hers content, this replaces advertising and is basically offering exposure to the work of the Creator (this benefits everyone and offers an incentive for stimulating information flow; the amount can be customizable only by the Creator, the bigger the amount the more exposure and visibility).

  • Investor in GRAT - As an investor, you acquire and hold GRAT tokens and by doing so, you will be able to firstly, provide some liquidity that will be used for the development and awareness of So, you are appreciating the value of GRAT versus other forms of currencies/assets and you are motivating people and companies to engage with GRAT for the development of digital markets like websites and apps or become their users.

In this way, people can enter the Gratitude Biosphere Consciousness Network transition where we all thrive together.

After you've accumulated some GRAT tokens, you can swap them into any other currency and spend them on anything you want in the digital or real world.

Remember to not be impatient and panic-sell before its value has appreciated over some time. Allow other investors to move the price up before exchanging GRAT to other currencies.

If your πŸ‘ Like would represent an instant value transfer in GRAT tokens that is estimated somewhere around the equivalent of $1, would you give it away to just any post? Of course not.

This creates a more honest and valuable interaction between users.

Together, we can create a digital, open source, free-to-use, transparent, deflationary, decentralized, inclusive biospheric platform - where all its users prosper from interacting with each other using better human participation and human interaction models.

Our attention should not be invested in a corrupt medium, a censored form of communication for our digital avatars locked inside echo chambers and filter bubbles created by greed based algorithms.

These tech giants siphon away your time and hard work for almost nothing given in return.

Haven't you noticed how the quality of your life decreases dramatically the more you spend it on these corporate social media platforms?

How can this be a good thing?

You waste time and lose financial value or stability, and you gain anxiety and depression.

All the life that you have is taxed by these corrupt companies through your interactions with their platforms/apps, by sharing your tastes, your preferences, your personal information, basically all your free data and information input.

You're sharing your thinking, your art, your knowledge, everything you do is monitored and controlled by them and you pay them to do it with your time and health.

When you're consuming information and content from other users, besides the fact that up to 50% of the content is now advertising, the remaining 50% is fed to you according to what their algorithms think you should consume.

You have no choice in this anymore, it's their way or the highway.

This is called being trapped in a echo chamber and in a filter bubble.

When we are trapped in their egomaniacal designed information prisons, our life goals are left behind, we are sacrificing our dream life for nothing while they siphon away our time & money.

You look at young people walking down the street and you see them constantly looking at their mobile screens.

When do they have time to see a leaf moving in the wind?

When do they have time to stare at the stars at night?

It seems that mankind has entered an age of technology worshipping, where man doesn't use technology anymore, technology uses him.

He lives in the illusion that he's talking to the whole world on his computer screen, but in fact, he's alone.

If we do not use technology to change this towards our benefit again, we are headed for an age of corporate A.I. that can possibly lead to an Orwellian society or worse, to our extinction.

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