What is a straw man?

"Since a straw man is not a real person, they exist only within the environment they were created, such as the state.

With this, anything a person does outside of the state (or environment in which the straw man was created), does not impact them in their personal life. Similarly, their personal choices cannot be dictated by the state.

In 1933, the straw man began to benefit the government. When the United States filed for bankruptcy in 1933, the governors of the state promised to provide the necessary funds by using the assets that belonged to all people of the state. Unfortunately for the government, they were unable to use assets that existed outside the state's power, including private property. With this, the government devised a way to bridge the gap between the state and the people. This bridge was the straw man.

To implement this, the government made it mandatory that all birth certificates be registered with the Department of Commerce, and that all names be documented in capital letters. Now, bound to the state from birth, it became the people's responsibility to even out the country's debt.

Due to this system, the only way citizens can benefit from the country's services is through their straw man. Essentially, the straw man is a commercial entity acting as a transmitting utility, which is a method of transporting services to the people. These services are ultimately paid for by the straw man through things like paying taxes." - Source

Your straw man is an artificial person

"At the time of birth, each person is issued their own straw man, legally speaking. On a birth certificate, the name that appears is in all capital letters. This name is a person's legal name. However, people often write their name using a combination of lowercase and capital letters, which is, legally speaking, a separate entity. Even names appearing on official licenses, such as those issued for marriage, appear in all capital letters. Until the time that a person (name in lowercase letters) reclaims their straw man (the name in all capitals), the state owns the name, not the person." - Source

BiiP and GRAT token can be used to remove barriers for Human-to-Human Interaction and redefine digital processes for everyone adhering to the new Biospheric Internet. Governmental or private corporations all use one tool to convince us of anything they desire, it's called Advertising.

Advertising = Hierarchy

Advertising is an obsolete greed based method of Evaluation, Distribution, and Exposure, all based on emotional manipulation and psychological warfare with the single porpose to exploit as much of our attention and energy as possible for control through profit.

"You don't make $1 million, you take $1 million." - If you're not the one "printing the money" than you are not creating value in the world, you are taking a part of it and probably hoarding it in useless possessions.

Most people who take value instead of creating value should offer back to the people what they took. Creating symbols with nothing of value to back them up is a greed based model of doing business or transacting with one another.

If you want to create value, think of Nikola Tesla, or think of organizations like Ubuntu, Wikipedia and others.

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