The fact that humans offer services or favors is an indication of our natural inclination towards collaboration and sharing.

It doesn't matter if we do them from self-interest or altruism, the tendency or quality remains. We DO for others. We serve not only ourselves, but others as well. Doing and acting for others seems to be part of our natural attraction to others.

We, the new generation of the 21'st century prefer to lean toward coming together, sharing, and forming networks instead of isolating ourselves from others to hoard everything, no matter if it's virtual or physical.

This is an indication that our species is ready to transition from flat or 2D hierarchical networks to 3D biospheric networks.

Ready or not, we need to make the shift to a Biosphere Consciousness, our continuity as a species depends on it, all life in the biosphere depends on it.

If it's sleeping in a hotel, getting a haircut, eating food that others made, an internet subscription, access to information/content, online shopping and delivery, insurance, all these services involve you interacting with real physical things and real physical people. At least, that has been the story so far. Things are changing, fast.

The long-term value we see in things or services comes from their utility.

The demand for any service or product disappears when a much better service or product with the same utility but better performance and/or better price is available.

In general, services imply an exchange with some form of fungible value in order to access them.

All the above come from human interactions with the β€œphysical reality” (digital or analog) which sometimes includes other humans. Going forward with this fact, nothing we create has any value if there is no human interaction.

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