Welcome to the New You!

The You that has everything you ever wanted and is grateful for everything and everyone.

By adopting this new vibration, attitude, or energy you will ascend to the place where you can fully see and share in our vision.

Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest minds of our species, has informed us:

β€œTo find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Energy, Vibration and Frequency shape our reality, here's an explanation from the great sage & philosophical entertainer Alan Watts:

You see, the new version of you has enough gratitude vibration to access a beautiful abundant life, but only through the lens of gratitude we can see clearly what that life looks like and then we can work towards it.

Otherwise, we become ungrateful entitled villains in our own life story who only know to harm others to get what they want.

That is how evil is born. That is the path to ruin, the tragic path.

Money by itself as a symbol is not evil, people are. And without daily gratitude for what we already have, greed will govern the money system.

Because of this, the whole system becomes evil and we unconsciously become one with it.

We create a global greed flow that is responsible for stifling progress, suppressing discoveries and innovation, which rewards those who instead support the Status Quo (what has already been established before as valid knowledge or direction).

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