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The founders of aim to transform the way we use the Internet by redefining the way we value / appreciate and interact with everything digital.

The Mission of is to nurture symbiotic instead of parasitic alternatives to global tech services over the Internet Protocol Layer through BiiP, evolving all human organizational programs. Transforming digital processes like authentication, registration, transfer of value, investment, and communications from their core and eliminating the need for advertising and loans/credits in all domains of human activity.

The project represents the vision that humanity is ready to transition from a linear / bidimensional Privately-Owned-Pyramid Organizational Program (which is basically a hierarchy-based system of thought) - to an Open Source-Biosphere Organizational Program which is a tridimensional Self-Sustaining Organizational Network, or in other terms, a Self-Emerging, Self-Sustaining and Self-Aware non-linear system of thought. A divine agent.

Let's give some Gratitude to the unborn children of tomorrow, don't give them fiat money.

The positive side of humanity

From all human emotions, Gratitude is the one that can give us the world.

Our website is called for this very reason.

I couldn't think of a better name to give to our token that will give people the ability to show their gratitude to anyone, anywhere, anytime – by gifting or investing Tokens of Gratitude (GRAT).

This is our fundamental mission, to demonstrate that gratitude can really change the world for the better. We want you the reader to discover that: Gratitude is the new attitude.

The website is a place for news, open source code, tools and information, all protected by the GPL 3.0 license.

The website is where you can learn about BiiP and the Gratitude Token (GRAT), which are designed as 2 halves of one object. Together they create an innovative solution to decentralize Online Authentication (like the original OAuth idea, but better) and Value Transfer.

In other words, we are enabling users to quickly register/login on to websites using BiiP (as Google does, without filling out endless forms) while at the same time having a built-in cross-platform token transfer system for investment, payment, and funding, all built into the decentralized protocol. This enables so many possibilities for human digital creativity & interaction.

What are: BiiP and GRAT token?

BiiP - Is a unique decentralized user authentication protocol which enables the ability to request access to specific personal data/information and/or to execute blockchain transactions on behalf of the users, both operations being tied to a single unique crypto account.

BiiP combines Universal Secure Authentication with a Crypto Currency and in the process unifies Money/Currency and Virtual Identity governing in one Decentralized Solution (a full, user controlled process, different from KYC).

Gratitude (GRAT) Token - Is a deflationary and feeless token with a total supply of 12 billion tokens and it's the native fuel for all of our open source projects. GRAT token will demonstrate and sustain revolutionary real use cases for BiiP and beyond it.

Along with the protocol and token we are constantly growing the GRATITUDE SHIELD and GRATITUDE GENESIS projects which are key to protecting and nurturing the main mission.

We envision a Biospheric Internet that includes both everyone connected to the surface internet as well as the orbital internet. In this internet, people share tokens of gratitude among each other for services or products, or just to appreciate, support and fund each other.

Our solutions will also be accessible to all users of Starlink Internet Service Provider (Elon Musk's network of 5G satellites).

As humans, when we appreciate what we are offered, it's wonderful to show how we feel about it. Sharing and collaboration is the basic human behavior.

For example, in social media apps/platforms - we all want to be liked for who we are, maybe even appreciated. We would also like to know if the appreciation is real, therefore, we give up privacy … we pay the price of public exposure to be able to be part of it all.

But do we need to give up so much privacy?

And how do we really want to be appreciated?

Should we buy into:

Greed, Autonomy, Exclusivity, Vanity, Opulence, Individualism and Jobs?

Or maybe, just maybe, all these could be upgraded to:

Gratitude, Interconnectivity, Inclusivity, Modesty, Simplicity, Unity, and Joy.

Imagine seeing someone popular in a video, then consider this:

People like to shine, to feel special, to get likes, views. Some people even make a living out of this. We call these people Content Creators, Influencers, Actors, Stars, Celebrities, etc (No, not you politicians!).

Most get paid by the platforms where they post content and the platforms in return for hosting their content get exposure (from all the people viewing their ads). The platforms then sell this exposure to their clients and then finally, they give some crumbs or leftovers to the content authors as well.

This is modern slavery! and it's stifling human progress.

The authors should get most of the value from their content.

We aim to change this greedy model of business based on echo chambers and spying on people.

From Creation to Distribution, to Consumption, to Evaluation, to Recognition, and Exposure – this unconscious, manipulative operational model can be redefined by GRAT at the Human Digital Core using BiiP which employs revolutionary technology like Universal Crypto Crowdfunding and Decentralized Online Authentication, which will be implemented throughout any/all digital services that join this revolution.

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