Curation and validation

We are planning for SHIELD to offer a decentralized transparent mechanism to curate Online Content as well. Not like the corrupt and centralized, corporate-funded "fact-checkers" that Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc. - are using today.

For example, Wikipedia is an extraordinary idea that was supposed to store all the knowledge of humankind. But it has a huge problem, the curating process is corrupt and it's centralized.

Being a system with centralized code governed by a human organization means some people have many ways to access the information from the inside, through bribes, or by hacking the system.

Anyone can make or modify a Wikipedia page and with enough curating power bought you can keep the information there until everyone else just gives up, thus turning lies into “truth” for most people.

When people try to correct false or inaccurate information on Wikipedia about science, famous people, politicians, billionaires, etc. - these corrupt individuals have the power to employ more “curators” to vote against that information and there is no vetting or protection mechanism that supports truth and value instead of greed and lies.

In the last few years, Independent Fact Checkers and curating organizations have been given great power by big corporations like Google, Facebook, etc.

But why?

You see, their rise is far from honest and decent. Those given powers came at a great collective cost, resulting in centralized control of information and Nazi level censorship, we are outright lied to on important societal issues.

You may have noticed that you can't post anything anymore that has the slightest nuance of reference to subjects they think are “Not OK to post” or that have the slightest feeling of revolt against the system.

You may have noticed the reason they invoke for this is that we didn't follow their “Community Guidelines” which are not created and vetted by any community, it's written by them alone.

You see, they use words like Community and Privacy and Freedom, but only to manipulate and deceive their users into thinking they actually have those rights and that they are protected.

In reality, our data is far from being protected and all the information they feed us is carefully controlled by their algorithms in a way that we are always in the dark about the truly important matters of our time and of our species, matters of the entire Biosphere.

Youtube and other platforms have the same issue for censoring and curating content, they would never allow true, transparent, and decentralized curating of their content because it does not fit with their advertising business model and their hidden business model of selling your personal data to other third parties.

So, we must step in and fix this issue as well.

It would seem that most problems we have today with services, especially digital online services always seem to adopt corrupt solutions that create more problems for the users, for the entire world.

There are so many unanswered questions about the problems we face today.

Here are some of them:

  • Shouldn't we see some progress towards a better online world by now?

  • Shouldn't online services accept all humans of any nationality anywhere in the world?

  • Where are the solutions that include everyone?

  • How do I know the information I am reading is true and/or properly checked?

  • How is my personal data protected really?

  • Why do I get only a fraction of the value from what I create?

  • Why are we never asked to vote on important issues anywhere?

  • What is the economy truly?

  • Why are markets and economies so unstable?

  • Why do we always have inflation?

  • Why do I always work the same or more for less?

  • Why are we being manipulated more and more by the top corporations and governments instead of them becoming better organized and more transparent?

  • Why do we keep buying into fear from fake news, fake science, and fake money?

  • Why are we being fed only fear-based news and information everywhere? It's not like everyone in the world is just bad or evil, in fact, most people are good and well-intended.

So many questions …

But, nothing will change, unless we change. WE must DO the change.

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