Since the act of creation is based on physical reality, we must realize that there is no creation without consumption or assimilation.

Once we create something we must allow ourselves and others to engage with it or assimilate it, either as physical experience/interaction or as information/knowledge.

An act of creation requires ingredients, parts. It's not enough to know how to create something. Physical materials, tools, and processes (technology) are required to manifest something into the physical realm. Without consuming parts of what is already created, nothing new can come into existence.

In the past, writers needed paper and pen, today they need a computer… different tools of different complexity, but the same result or same act.

To make a clay pot requires pre-made clay that was created from natural elements and a pre-constructed spinning wheel mechanism made from different materials. From that to making a car or a smartphone requires many more parts and processes discovered by many people, all of which developed over time, not all at once.

The creation of all those parts is the result of concentrated human creativity over generations. In other words, the work of many combined to create one complex product or service.

Creation does not destroy, it only transforms. As we know from physics, nothing can be destroyed, it can only be transformed.

The problem with our species was never consumption, it was always the fact that we keep throwing away what we transform as if there is such a thing as β€œaway” on a finite planet.

We were never taught to ask ourselves:

Where do we put the things we no longer want or need?

Can't we take care of things and ourselves in a better way?

Of course, we can! We were just never taught to think like this, to ask these questions from a young age. Let's DO it now!

Remember that sharing is caring and that the things that no longer serve you, that no longer attract you, should be given away to others, not hoarded.

Remember what happens when we block energy?

Things and objects are not just things, they are the main ingredient of somebody's joy! If they are serving properly, they are energy generators, if they are hoarded in a place somewhere, they become energy blockers.

And remember to fix the broken things, don't throw them away, and what is even greater, this also applies to broken people.

We can mend their spirit, we can infuse the loving human spirit in their bodies once again.

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