Let's create better money

Based on inclusivity and gratitude, not exclusivity and greed

They manipulated us into a real-world monopoly game, and we play against each other with fake fiat money that doesn't represent anything real anymore.

You see, a money system governed by greed or by inequality is responsible for the economic bubbles that we regularly have, for economic crises and recessions.

This system is responsible for destroying the savings, goods and properties of entire families around the world and for most human perpetrated crimes and suicides.

When economic bubbles burst, global crime rates go up, people are left to fend for themselves. The herd, society, governments do nothing for them.

If money is unfairly emitted and regulated, which is the case on our planet for the last century, and some might argue for millennia, then it creates inequality of opportunity and it enslaves everyone participating in that system.

That's a system where the game is rigged against the players and its makers are not participating, they are outside of it.

So … we find ourselves in a world where people work for money, not for each other.

We're living on a "Money Planet"

But who made this system? Did we humans make it so unfair?

Why does everyone work for obtaining something called money?

And why do we pay each other with it to survive and create, to experience human life, yet somehow, we all get poorer and poorer?

To be alive should be free, or at least fair.

Has it ever occurred to you that we are ignorantly participating in a very old, but now a global size scam?

We will talk about this more later on.

This took the world many decades to process, but more and more people are now aware of this gruesome crime against humanity.

Those who create the money and regulate the money are outside the scam, they currently have in place a system where they can just create money out of nothing.

This is not a joke. The system they created and enforced upon our world is called Fractional Reserve Banking, or fiat money.

In other words, they have unlimited amounts of β€œmoney” flowing to them without working for it and we must work our entire lives just to be able to pay for a house to live in, or to feed and clothe ourselves.

Isn't this just slavery, but with extra steps? Time to wake up friends!

As humans we crave to get at least a few hours to live our lives every day, to enjoy life, and maybe some time to think about our life, to put things in perspective, to think about where we are and where we want to be, asking questions, following our curiosity, exploring our reality.

We should all remember this simple truth: living or enjoying life is the only way for us to thrive, it's what gives us the energy to keep going with our life.

Did we forget about our spirit?

Are we really living or enjoying life?

Maybe it's not possible to live truly, while we are subjugated to this corrupt fiat monetary system. Having to spend our energy and time most of each day on a useless and boring job where in exchange we are rewarded with a form of β€œmoney” worth less and less that will never be enough to survive, let alone to thrive.

We spend our life (our most precious gift, our time & energy) impulsively chasing fiat money.

Meanwhile, the β€œplayers” running the show are playing God with the whole world, ignorantly degrading us and the entire Biosphere in the process.

But a better alternative is already here, we called it GRAT (short for Gratitude) and its goal is to replace greed with gratitude (to balance out the 1% vs 99% gap).

Now, that we've spoken a little bit about human value in a Fiat world, let's go back to the origins of money or currency and try to understand the history of money, otherwise, we are doomed to repeat the past and fall in the same traps in the future.

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