Don't work for money, work for each other

Money is just a symbol for our energy, what we really have is each other.

It Will Give You Goosebumps - Alan Watts On The Eternal Now

In an ideal society, we don't need a job to survive, instead, we have a right to choose either to simply live, to enjoy being alive, or we can choose to DO more than that.

We can all try to serve humanity without contracts, without placing money first and people second.

Everyone offers their services, favors, or work and some of us just don't think about money when we do it because we don't do it for money.

We all want to DO favors for friends and people we love and it's ok to expect something in return when your objective is altruistic. But what we expect in return doesn't have to be money. Services are about doing things for ourselves and others.

Working for money instead of ourselves is just like slavery, but with extra steps.

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