Massive scale online collaboration


Let's get a clearer picture of how much time humanity is spending for example on Facebook and getting no value in return while Facebook reaps billions from advertising and selling their user's data or solutions from data derived from users.

Studies have shown that the average user spends 18 hours per month on Facebook. This increased during the so-called covid plandemic to 65 minutes per day or 32.5 hours per month.


65 minutes per day on average multiplied by around 3 billion constantly active users means:

✓ 3.25 billion hours spent by Facebook users daily on its platform or app

✓ that's over 135.4 million days spent collectively on Facebook, every day

✓ that's 371.000 years daily that could be used to explore the universe

✓ 3710 centuries that our species is mostly wasting every day

The World is collectively wasting incomprehensible amounts of time in these ads-ridden echo chambers, time that could be focused differently with “massive scale collaboration” to empower ourselves and accelerate human progress and clean up the biosphere. Ergo, The World works for the big social media companies, every day, for free, while they make billions from our work and personal information and not giving anything back to the world or the biosphere.

It's Time to change this!

Just look at what this one dude named Luis von Ahn (early developer of captcha script for human user validation) accomplished with only 10 seconds occasionally spent by a few million different users around the world doing the same thing as before (filling captchas, but with a twist). The video below or here: Massive-scale online collaboration | Luis von Ahn

He leveraged just 10 seconds of collective time spent by a few million people daily to create extremely powerful tools for the benefit of all humans at no cost to individuals.

Imagine what we could do with a few minutes every day spent by 3 billion users in an intelligent way that helps us solve unbelievably hard biosphere problems.

If Facebook and other social media platforms/apps would not be running ads, they would go bankrupt before you can say “Website under maintenance”.

If these businesses and in general, if people would have any better option other than ads to get exposure, they would go for it.

Giants fall in time too, just like the cassette and CD industry ended when the mp3 technology took off.

As we already established, the current business model for social media companies is to monetize user activity through their Ads. In this rigged game, the users and business owners always lose more than they gain. Humanity loses more than it gains. We lose more than we can imagine.

We, the founders of believe that the value invested by humans (time or money) in a network of any kind must remain in the network and everyone must have equality of opportunity to implicitly benefit from their hard work without intermediaries, without doing more work to create campaigns and then paying the platforms/apps owners huge amounts of hard-earned currency only to get bad exposure.

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