Modern money mechanics

Have you ever looked at how the 180 fiat currencies are issued into circulation?

According to the manual entitled Modern Money Mechanics created by the Federal Reserve a long time ago, banks can create money out of thin air, they are allowed to offer credits in value of up to 9 times they borrow from the government. Meaning, they can magically lend to anyone 9 x more fake fiat money (dollars and other world currencies).

Ever asked yourself where does modern money come from?

Well, in the recent past, when the government wanted to print more money to increase the circulating supply, it did not give the money directly to the people, instead, it gave it to the banks to inject into the economy by offering loans to private individuals and companies.

This system not only created inflation but also a lot of interest - money that will never exist in circulation and that will instead slowly push the entire monetary supply into the wallets of the bankers.

Every time this cycle is complete, they have to print more money, creating inflation. In other words, the purchasing power of the currency decreases.

And so, all dollars are worth less and less over time (the value of the national currency constantly depreciates over time and this system is active everywhere, in almost all countries).

When a bank buys the right to issue money into circulation from the government (let's say 1 million dollars) it is authorized by the government to lend up to 9 million dollars out of thin air (yeah just like that, numbers on paper before, numbers in a database now).

Hard to believe right? Well, did you read the Modern Money Mechanics I mentioned before?

So in the manual, it's explained, that for example, the bank lends 1 million dollars to someone out of thin air (just because they have that 1 million dollars bond secured from the government), but that printed million comes with an amount of interest attached to it (we all know interest, right?) - in other words, a number of dollars that will never exist, so the borrower cannot pay back the loan + interest unless he works harder to chip some currency from others.

The government gets small interest chips from the banks to pay back what they borrowed from the Federal Reserve, then the bank chips 9 times more from us + the interest. But the Federal Reserve owns the Banks too. They are a single global entity. They are the IMF, the Central Bank, and everyone else in charge of the system, they are the tip of the pyramid, the owners of all banks, they own Everything! (including the big centralized exchanges).

Do you get it now? Do you see the size of the global hoax?

You see, working harder should make you richer, but it doesn't, it makes the bankers richer. In living by or participating in this system you are just a slave, a vehicle that carries money from other people to the bankers.

Do you really want to continue living like this when there is a better way to govern your money?

Keep reading to learn how to avoid the traps of greedy bankers and become a participant in a system that is deflationary, not inflationary. And that's only the beginning.

Now, within their fiat system, everyone that borrows money from banks is perpetually enslaved by the debt they must pay back.

It's only because money is sort of always in circulation that borrowers can pay back the loan amount plus the interest, spending their life to pay it back.

The ones that accumulate most of the money supply of their nation over time are the ones who created the money supply (the same people that gave you the loan and created the virtual debt in the first place).

In their rigged game, they get richer every day and everyone else keeps getting poorer, including governments.

Banks were supposed to be intermediaries responsible for keeping your deposited money safe, but today, money deposited in a bank is money that you lend to them with no actual benefit.

On the contrary, today the interest rates, meaning the gains that you were supposed to benefit from by lending money to banks are negative. In other words, you pay to lend money to the banks, but when they lend money to you, you agree to pay back an extra 50%, 100%, 200%, or more of the loaned amount, depending on the type of loan you agree to. Crazy right?

At one point in history, lending people money with interest was illegal and severely punished. To lend money with interest was and is the job of loan sharks. The only difference is that banks are legal. This illegal practice was called usury.

As for keeping everyone's money safe, banks never met this objective either as other types of thieves would always rob them.

To this day, banks are robbed and hacked, and they could care less about the money they lose because they are usually insured by government agencies (by your money) and they never lose.

Only we the people lose. Is that fair?

When are we going to wake up from this 1% vs 99% hoax?

How long are we going to put up with these thieves and villains?

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