Yes, we can.

And other features. Concepts in progress.

The only way to give everyone an equal chance to be heard/seen or appreciated is to reverse the usual ranking algorithm facebook and others uses for posts and comments.

In other words, the more a post or comment gets engagement, the more it goes down in visibility.

Newer posts or comments are the most relevant, they might not get as much reactions or replies as the first ones, but they need to be seen.

Everyone has to be heard, otherwise we are losing a lot of valuable information because it will be buried deep where most people will not go, unless they scroll to the bottom.

For a post with lots of comments for example, we should reward those who diligently scrolled/swiped to the bottom, reading all available information before deciding what to do about it.

The user will be rewarded if he scrolls to the bottom, but if he scrolls too fast he will not be rewarded - this is based on an average reading speed, calculated at the number of words from all the comments on a post.

This is to motivate users to read all information before deciding what to do about it.

This applies to the biofeed (the old "news feed") as well.

More features

Users can have besides the ability to decide how much base amount of tokens to give for a share on a post or give when liking a post, tools to decide whether the post:

  • a scam

  • youth appropriate

  • etc

You will have tools to vote on the category of the engagement on posts:

Relevant | Urgent | Funny | Disruptive | Valuable

Instead of a mixed content stream, we will have:

Content categories

Mixed | Text | Images | Audio | Video | Other files | Code


  • Adaptive - you can let the system adapt the reward based on the minimum amount of tokens you have chosen to give away when linking a post + a percentage bonus based on different factors, like engagement ratio and so on.

  • Custom - you can give away a custom amount of tokens, the minimum is 0.00000001 GRAT tokens.


  • You can set a custom amount of tokens to give away for every share (people can ask for more tokens if their network of friends is bigger than the average and you can approve that).

  • Or you can let the system decide the price based on a minimum bid you set and a percentage more based on the size of the network of each user and on how active that network is on the platform.

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