Everything we value is an act of creation. Nothing can exist without this act.

The act of creation is always evaluated or measured by others. If you think about it in terms of universal laws and principles, the value of creativity is directly proportional to movement and choices.

There are forces at play when creating value.

A creator uses forces already existing and knowledge (the experience with those forces) to reconfigure his reality.

From creating a clay pot to creating an entire universe, a creator merely uses what is already here and configures or combines it into something different.

A creator is a transformer of reality, an alchemist, a shaper of reality. It doesn't mean he/she makes something of nothing. Not literally.

We need something to create something else, if there is nothing, we cannot experience it.

Consciousness cannot experience anything outside of itself. In other words, we can't experience something from nothing, these opposites don't work together.

What we create is but a transformation of what is already there, we can't experience it otherwise.

Consciousness is not its own observer, if there is no consciousness, there is simply nothing so we have no existence.

An infinite number of possibilities is nothing until we make a choice.

That's exactly where creation begins. That's the bridge, the door and the key. Creation is a quality of consciousness, the more consciousness, the more complex the creation.

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